What Would You Have Done Differently With The Launch of Wii U?

There are many things I would have done differently with the Wii U but here I will highlight 2 of the most important changes I would have made.

The Name -


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I think we could all agree that Nintendo really fucked this one up. Putting 'U' at the end of 'Wii' is just something I will never understand. Yes it does sound somewhat catchy and it does carry on the name of Nintendo's most successful home console brand but to simply add a letter to the end of your previous consoles name is just ridiculous. It created confusion from day one when the system was unveiled at E3 2011 and if it created confusion amongst the hard core crowd that watch and attend E3 then of course it would create confusion amongst Nintendo's target crowd (casual players) when the console was released in stores.

Launch Date -


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The unveil at E3 2011 was way too early and as would have been an unveil at E3 2012. I can't fully put blame on Nintendo with this one because they probably felt pressured to come forth with the Wii U so early because of all the leaks that were happening about their next console.

Nintendo should have waited until this year to unveil the Wii U at their own event (like Sony and Microsoft) so the console could be shown off with confidence and a shit ton of games. Nintendo told us just recently that the next Mario 3D and other core franchises will be playable at this years E3, they could have used these games to launch the Wii U at the end of this year; imagine the launch titles being New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario 3D, Rayman Legends, Zelda WW and others that we do not know of right now; had Nintendo gone this route then 2013's launch would have been much more awesome than 2012's launch. Or shoot, they could have spread out these releases into 2014 so the console wouldn't experience too serious of a drought.

Another benefit of launching the console a year later would be that it would have given Nintendo more time to work on the OS. As we know they just released an update to speed up the OS but it would have been nice to have that speed from day 1. It would also would have been nice to have the Virtual Console from day one.

Conclusion -

I am presenting this because I love Nintendo and want them to kick their competitions ass. Nintendo has so much potential to do some pretty special things but these past many years they have been doing things that just do not make any sense. With Wii U they had the chance to recapture the hard core market while maintaining their solid base of casual gamers but they have failed to do so up to this point.

I think Iwata has a lot to do with some of the non sensical moves of the recent past so I am very disappointed to hear that he will be CEO of NOA.

Basically I think Nintendo fucked shit up with their successor to the Wii. I could go on and on about their online offerings, presenting the Pro Controller just as important as the Gamepad, Iwata being mostly responsible for fucking shit up, and how they could better appeal to third party developers but I am far too lazy.

This topic is extremely broad and can easily lead into other topics so this is all I have to say for now.

Anyone have anything else to add?

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