Nintendo Direct E3 Edition Impressions [POLL]

Nintendo's video was all kinds of skippy so I waited to watch it until just now.

My impressions:

  1. Awesome HD remake of Windwaker. Do more of this Nintendo, Sony proved it's easy money.
  2. Art game is pretty sweet. I could see myself pouring time into that.
  3. Mii games look boring. If Wii Party-U came packaged with he Wii-U and 4 Motion Plus wands that'd be interesting, but I'm not gonna buy all that separately.
  4. Mario Cat-edition made me want a Sonic game. Same style of game play, but Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles instead. Oh, and elemental power up shields are a must. That should be the second Wii-U Sonic exclusive.
  5. I'm meh on Smash Bros but I can appreciate Megaman making an appearance so that's cool
  6. Donkey Kong Country reminded me of classic Sonic stages from Sonic Generations (with all the perspective switching) so that looks fun.
  7. Bayonetta 2 looks very cool and I'm excited to give that a whirl
  8. Third party montage was reassuring, so good move there.
  9. Mario Kart 8 looks fun. I don't know what it is, but Nintendo has something that the others haven't tapped yet when it comes to karting games. Sonic All star racers comes close, but it's not there yet.

Overall, I feel good about where they are going.
How did everyone else feel?

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