New Wii U Marketing Campaign

Was commenting on another post about the Wii u needing a new marketing strategy, figured I'd make a post myself. Nintendo is in trouble with the Wii u. Third parties are abandoning ship, ASDA, a game store in the uk, has stopped carrying Wii u in stores, and idk about you, but my local gamestop moved the wii u section to the back corner of the store, sandwiched between vita and Wii. Not good signs. Nintendo will likely follow the 3DS route they created to save that system, so a price cut and some great first party games are almost certain to happen soon. But I think a new marketing strategy would help greatly as well. So here's my pitch.

Small room, lit only by a tube tv. One couch, boy playing Wii, looking uninterested, barely even trying. Mom comes in with a bag, U displayed on both sides. She reaches in and pulls out a Wii u. Once it's plugged in, the tv morphs into a flat screen LCD. Wiimote turns into the gamepad. Room brightens, kids come in to play with there friend.

"CHANGE THE WAY U PLAY" Shows up on the screen. Words disappear, except for the U. Wii pops up next to it. AVAILABLE NOW $249

I have a couple of these commercials for some games too.

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