Almost awesome.

That's what I think of every time I turn on my Wii U.

I'm a gamer so I want the Wii U to succeed. Simply because I want to play games and having another console lets me do that. That being said, I kind of wish I had known that the Wii U was an investment last year to play games this year.

So here are some (easy) things that I expected to happen on this console that really didn't.

  • Virtual Console. I for some reason truly expected them to do it this time. They did a decent job on the Wii but it was far too slow and by the time they pumped out the games I wanted the hype for me was killed. To be fair, I have purchased well in excess of $150 worth of VC and WiiWare titles. Virtual Console needs to be the place that you can pick up a Wii U and within a few moments be playing your favorite game from the past, whether it os R-Type on the SNES or Twin Snakes on the GC (goddammit, I really want to play an HD version of that game.)
  • Bro Games. Love the or hate them, they sell systems and are great for the infrastructure. The newest sports games and Call of Duty games bring in players and bring the system knowledge to the public. There are so many second screen ideas for these games, they would have been an easy sell, if anyone was selling them.
  • Nerd Games. You know the ones. Diablo 3, Starcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Tales of Xillia, or Ni No Kuni come to mind. We can also include things like the newest Bleach or Dragon Ball game or ever the Project Diva F title that just released on PS3. These are less of system movers but nerds will pay well over cost on things like that.
  • Big Games. Obviously this is not as realistic because these high budget games really need to work hard to make back their cost. Releasing on a poorly selling system is a harder sale for Nintendo. That being said, Nintendo has cash and needs to use it.
  • Be Viral. Every US commercial I have seen for the Wii U has been astoundingly boring. This is the age where YouTube is considered too mainstream for many people. How viral would have those creepy GameCube ads have been? "Wii would like to play" was fun but those people use composite cables on their 55" LED TV.
  • Storage. 32GB is a joke. It really is. External hard drives are a pain and most people won't get one. Oh they will? Then go to the nearest Wii that isn't yours or in your house and assure me it has an SD card. Can the eShop really prosper if I have to delete a game to download another? I'm out of space on a 250GB PS3. Also we can't have game installs on this console. Splinter Cell Blacklist is still loading.
So there are definitely more things and there are definitely some of my points that are a bit unrealistic but I was depressed checking my daily log finding out that since May I haven't played more that 6 hours of Wii U. Total. Including apps. It's getting better but it's still painful every time I have to buy a game I want on my 5 year old PS3 instead of my new system. There are far too many unfulfilled abilities of my Wii U to ignore.
Also, there haven't been any Wii U forums posts in a while.
And please, I know about X, Smash, WWHD, Mario, and new Zelda.
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