My Personal Feelings on Nintendo and the Wii U

First Post ever and Explaining the Wii U problems

The WiiU isn't doing the best at sailing but that dosen't mean it's a bad console (please note this is my first post and i will try my best not to make this all one sides,if it turns out that way it's only because of all the bad stuff i read about nintendo in articles and reviews so i apologize if i do) The WiiU did indeed have a bad start that is not a lie, i got it on launch and only was able to play Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U (starroad was difficult :P) and ZombieU, there was a bit more at launch but these are all i played, with only a few games at launch and a name like the WiiU people either thought it was a controller for the Wii or that the games wasn't enough. But i feel like Nintendo was trying to get the jump on sony and microsoft with how well the Wii and how Nintendo land looked they would reach their goal, but didn't. Many people are thinking the Wii success was a fluke due to the fact the WiiU isn't doing better.

Nintendo third party problems, and if they went Third Party

Nintendo has had problems in the past with not enough third party support but stays in the gen due to their first party games. Thus makes me wonder if they expected to recieve third party games to stall us while they finished games. this would make since due to them selling the wiiU in 2012 with about 5 games for it. what nintendo probably didn't think of was that people would try to wait untill the price drop down to buy it and alot did. By the time the price dropped in 2013 people already knew they hardly had games. many shouted "make more games, dont let sony and microsoft win" but the thing is, Nintendo dosen't have to many 3rd parties and it takes a real long time to make a good game. others thought Nintendo was in debt and could only survive going 3rd party themself. SEGA was the first in history to do that and so far the only one too, Nintendo has made alot of money off of the 3Ds and the WiiU in Asia isn't doing to bad either. if Nintendo would go third party it'd be a little bad for all 3 companies. Nintendo wouldn't make much money for their first party games on other consoles then on their own, if Nintendo dropped fans would only have 3 options, sony, microsoft, or both which would increase alot of sales for either, but might screw over the whole contest of who has the most sales. one company would get all the nintendo fans leaving the other one in the dust, making it really a 50% chance for either.

Same as the 2nd but i dont want such a long paragraph to be well long

not to mention Nintendo is really creative with it's technology, motion control? dual screens? gamepad? without Nintendo i feel it would take longer for us to see some sort of new technology. Sony said motion control was stupid and litarly used it few months afterwords, (not getting into that incase some sony fansboys are on this fourm) and i just want to point out lot of people think Microsoft got the kinect from Nintendo, i believe it was based on the Playstation eye but i could be wrong. Anyway Nintendo does indeed keep technology moving towards the future, i'm not saying games wouldn't evolve without Nintendo but i'm saying it may take longer. Nintendo took 2 years for their top games to get released, they didn't really have a choice, either make remakes and virtual consoles or wait untill the ps4 and xbo came out. Since they had no third parties i believe they sold 3Ds games more to keep making money in this time to stay in the game. I am not trying to make it all one sided like Nintendo is perfect and nothing wrong has happened, i am just try to stay semi-equal and i guess tell all those other articles i read how i feel.

Nintendo's Technology

Nintendo controllers are always different, from the NES to the 64. with three analogs sticks and c buttons, to the gamecube which is kinda like sony and microsoft controller, to a actually remote wii remote that helps you feel like your actually playing inside the game, you are doing what they are, that arm cramp is the same as what samus have but hey at least it's not a heavy piece of metal which you need two arms to hold up like samus. and now from Wii to WiiU with not only a touch screen but a controller around it. Speaking of games and technology Nintendo's idea of a gamepad is a pretty well idea when you think about it, it fits perfectly and comfortable in your hands, has a mic on it, back buttons and triggers are easy to reach, and the two analogue or joystick aren't awkward to use. Nintendo Land seemed to be their way of testing it out and it worked. But even though alot of people liked it, seems like Nintendo either dont know what to do with it, or dont want to use it. They make about all the games using it optional most are because of multiplayer i suppose, Everyone is always BEGGING for multiplayer in all the games now a days, if Nintendo would to make the gamepad important the multiplayer wouldn't work in coop games unless they are like nintendo land, and since everyone begs for coop this is a problem. I even saw a comment saying "Please make this Online Coop it dosen't ruin a game" on the new legend of zelda for WiiU Hyrule Warriors(not final name) i like online, and i do like multiplayer, but if you turn every game multiplayer it does ruin a game, like legend of zelda? if they make it online they would constantly have to update it or make dlc or crap like that taking the time and money from other LOZ games. they would constantly have to work on it even after release, makjng servers, updates and if it dosen't work they could lose ALOT of money from failure, these are the same reasons why they shouldn't make a pokemmo, heck a MMO would be worst, they would have to keep all their concentration on it and constantly add new things so it dosen't end because MMO keeps going on, this would make no time for anymore pokemon games and if people get bored, they go out of buisness. But this is a Nintendo and WiiU topic so lets save that for another time okay? What i'm saying is if people stopped begging Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft for multiplayer in every game, they could work more on stuff like level designs, good controls, fun gameplay instead of figuring out how to put a 2nd - 3rd, or in Nintendo case, 4th person in the game under their time limit. Solo games Nintendo made on the WiiU like Zombie U or Wind Waker HD use the gamepad pretty well but with all this multiplayer beggers nintendo has to find out a way to let the pro or wii controllers join in, making the gamepad optional.

Multiplayer and Urging

I've said it before and i'll say it again, not every game needs to be multiplayer shesh. Even though Nintendo does indeed make multiplayer optional, people beg for it and it takes time out of development, "nintendo should start listening to their fans instead of say, we're nintendo we'll do whatever we feel like it"? when has Nintendo not listen to their fans? their one of the only companies who actually read and sometimes reply back to your letters, you guys asked for online chatting, and online friend list besides friend-codes, Miiverse came out, good graphics? HD remakes of wind waker, online chatting? Mic on gamepad, more games on console? 2014 appears, should i go on? Nintendo is trying their best to do what you guys ask but it's not so easy as, monkey see monkey do, takes alot of time and repeatedly spamming the exact same letter to Nintendo is not helping. If you guys think you could do a better job then go do it rather then rushing Nintendo to do stuff they have already done. Nintendo is suppose to be multiplayer as they said with the whole family on the couch thing but they can make solo games so don't urge them.

Big 3

Smash Bros, Mario, and Zelda. For some reason people think these 3 are the only good games or Nintendo or even the only games on Nintendo period. I dont know where this came from, when i was younger i believed people knew about kirby, Pokemon(small bit but still some appears on consoles), donkey kong, ect. now i know if people aren't used to Nintendo mario and zelda are probably all they can think of but the WiiU and past Nintendo consoles has tons of games other then the big 3. I really named a few on WiiU if you wanted past consoles i could say earthbound, mega man, animal crossing, metroid even the mii games like wii sports, wii sports resort, wii party, wii party u, fourten street, wii play, etc. I just want people to know there is more than just the 3.

This post is getting a little long and i could keep on talking forever, i dont want this to drag out any longer than it is, i just want people to know Nintendo is trying and even when things look bad like this, remember they've been in this situation before, and they always gets out and surprises us all. by the time alot of people are reading this the WiiU could even be big and no more doubts on it, anyway this was my first post on polygon so thank tou for reading it, i tried to give Nintendo as much love as hate making it even on this post so thank you for reading!

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