To the Moon made me cry.....A lot.


So.....I just finished To the Moon, about an hour ago as of writing this and oh was the single most beautiful game I've ever played. Many game plot points have choked me up, made me tear up a bit and made me sad and happy. But this game.....this game honest to god the only one I've played that made me wipe tears of joy and sadness from my eyes and face with each new beautiful piece of plot that was slowly revealed by the game.

This hauntingly beautiful journey through a dying mans memories, all the while piecing together the mystery of his final wish, is filled with heart, humor, romance and tragedy. I could keep typing....explaining every point of this game that I loved, but that would be futile, all I can say really is that this not only one of the greatest games I've ever played, but one that I believe everyone should play. It' was recently part of the Indie Roayle Fall Bundle but that has ended, even so it's only 10 dollars, some of the best you can spend in gaming.

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