Video Card Purchasing Philosophy

Here's the deal, I am looking at building a good, solid, and decent gaming machine (definitely not low end, but not crazy high end). In trying to budget out what it will cost, and therefore when I can take action I come up with this question so I reach out to hear what you guys think.

What video card do I get?

I'm talking quality. Let's put it into dollars since this is a budget. I would want a $400ish card like this GTX 670. However, if I can buy a much lesser card, say $150ish in price like this GTX 550 Ti, and then upgrade in a few years then that could work too. Obviously though, if I did that then I would be spending $150 more for the luxury of not spending all the money now (I call it a finance charge of sorts).

So what do you think? Would you go big now and spend the money (or wait until you have it) or go the upgrade route? Perhaps you think a $150 card is sufficient for 90% of everything and I'm crazy to want a better card. Let me know your opinion and any suggestions for cards you prefer.


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