Windows 8 / Microsoft Account Question

I thought of this and was wondering if those of you who have taken the plunge into Win 8 can answer for me.

My understanding is that Win 8 is utilizing your Microsoft Account (Windows Live, Xbox Live, etc... account name for logging you in and keeping you synced across your different hardware platforms.

Here is my situation; I have two accounts. One I created on Xbox and it is my "Xbox" account for gaming etc.. utilizing a generic email I established for that account and for other online personas such as here on Polygon.

I also have a personal account, which I attempt to keep more professional, using my main email and linked to my Skydrive etc... and I don't mind if that is seen or shared among the "real world" and work associates.

So my question is, should I merge the accounts? Does having multiple accounts get in the way? Life seems like it would be smoother if my PC and Xbox shared information the way Microsoft intends it to. But I don't know how practical any of that is because I have not taken the Win 8 plunge yet (waiting for SP1 before I do).

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