Steam Trading Cards, I have a friend...

So, fairly short post but I wanted the opinion of others (ideally you will reinforce my own!)

I have a friend who leaves games playing on Steam to acquire the first half of the trading cards. I've known this guy for half my life, right now he has a historical strategy game running-- this is not the type of game he plays. So not only is he trying to obtain cards just for the ____ of it but also cards for games he hasn't even played. I'm guessing he then buys the other half of the set? Plus there's the question of is he buying games solely for this purpose? Hopefully acquiring them in bundles but I can't imagine, personally, outright purchasing a game for this purpose.

What are your thoughts? I just can't wrap my head around it.

Oh and are we ever going to get a Steam platform forum? Next year? ;)

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