Twine, and 'Personal Games', Or: What Worlds Would YOU Build?

So. I've read a bit on this new idea sprouting where people basically make small games to convey ideas, let emotions out or just muck around a bit for a project. I've been trying in my little spare time to do so, using a program called Twine. It's basically a choose-your-own-adventure story builder, but it can get SO MUCH MORE complicated than that. Here's the site to download from, if you're interested. Basically, you take an html page, and write out a scene, and you then make actions that hyperlink to other pages in the document.

Some examples:

The Ark

A Jousting 'Game'


It's fun when you can actually come up with ideas for stories and 'games'. Something that I start to hit the wall with every time I try. But, eh, it's one of those times where I'd need to take a week to just sit and stare for a while. And I can't afford to. :) As an addition, I'm also going to try to get some talk of other game creation in general in here, to give budding developers in the community a voice and outlet. Any other aspiring writers/developers who have tried their hand, or want to? Go ahead and share your creations here, for folks to see!

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