Unwritten Kickstarter Project

I found this on Kickstarter yesterday. It's a little hard to explain – sort of a strategy rougelike combo – but it looks really interesting, especially because the team is coming at it from a storytelling perspective. I'm posting it here because it only has 3 days left and is at a little over 60%, and I would really like to see this game made. The link is below, and for lack of a video, here's the description they attach to the game:

Unwritten is a turn based strategy game for PC to be released in August 2013.

  • Delve into a turn based strategy game with meaningful, permanent decisions
  • Play as successive generations of a nomadic clan, passing stories and legends down through the ages
  • Experience infinite novelty through randomly generated maps, units, abilities, and enemies
  • Make decisions that become a part of your personal "story", affecting your ability to barter and ally with rival clans
  • Make the trek to "God Mountain", a place of final judgement and potential glory
  • Experience a rich, exotic world inspired by international traditions of story-telling
  • Make your own game modules using the same tools the developer used to make the game


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