NVidia Shield

I could be considered somewhat serious about my gaming. I have spent a large sum of money on the hardware in my PC, the displays connected to said PC, the 5.1 surround sound equipment connected to said PC, as well as the appropriate controllers for my games (stick + throttle + rudder pedals for flying, wheel and pedals for driving, etc). Not to mention the consoles in the living room.

I love to spend money on toys; I'm sure it's some kind of make-up for my early years when toys were scarce.

That said, I see no value in this product when compared to the other toys at and around this price point.

$300 - Oculus Rift Developer kit (straight from Oculus)
$350 - Samsung 32" 1080p display (Best Buy in the US)
$399 - HOTAS Warthog (Fry's in the US)

Can anybody out there give me a reason to buy this thing? From what I see, I would spend $350 to:

-Play cell phone games
-Play games on a screen substantially smaller than my 32" monitor
-Play games in a poorer sound environment than what exists at my desk

If mobility is the focus, wouldn't my $350 be better invested in say, a 3DS or a PSVita as those are truly mobile and not slaved to my PC? What is NVidia going for here that I've missed? Help me justify buying this device.

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