How To Attack Your Backlog of Games

Hey Polynauts,

I imagine that I'm not alone in pondering how to handle my backlog of games. As someone who has only been in the PC gaming world for about 6 months, I've had a LOT of catching up to do. To say the very least, I have gone slightly mad with game purchases due to the crazy sales PC games tend to have.



I suppose there are different ways to divide. I decided to group games by when I purchased them. I don't have a specific number of games per group, just 5-10 that seem to be a nice mix of newer and older.

Other ideas that you could use for dividing are to divide by release date, however, it may not be as enjoyable playing a bunch of older games without playing a few newer games in between.


I'm taking on these groups of games one at a time. Within these groups, I do my best to focus on one game, sometimes two. If I have two games on the go at the same time, I'm sure to go with two different genres.

When I get to a game that I just can't enjoy, and the thought of spending 10 hours (or whatever it may be), I just accept that it's not going to happen. I cut my losses and move on, BUT I give EVERY game a chance before I decide.

Within each group, I leave my most anticipated game until the end of the group so that I have something to look forward to when I'm playing the less desirable games.

Additional Rules:

-I have decided that I'm putting a halt on buying anything new until I only have a couple groups of games left, with the exception of the odd game that I REALLY want. Regardless of being on sale, I'm not buying anything that I don't really want.


-I've purchased a few games that I regret. Thankfully, I've only come across a couple that I've given up on, and most of that short list are simply games from things like Humble Bundle that I only have because I wanted another game from the bundle. However, it's obvious that I've made some impulse purchases and I'm trying to learn not to make that mistake in the future.

-There are games that I bought which I still haven't played... and now they're available for much less money. The lesson here is that it doesn't make sense to buy a game when you won't be playing it any time soon, unless it's an older game and it's on for 75% off. Otherwise, the regular price may drop (if it's newer) and you will definitely be able to get it for at least 50-75% off by the time you actually get around to playing it.

-Besides being a waste of money, a poor purchasing decision can also be a waste of time. As I'm learning now, I've purchased games that I'm almost forcing myself to play, since I paid for it already. If it's really unenjoyable, I cut my losses, but there are some games that I play that are merely mediocre. Why? Because I'm teaching myself a lesson the hard way, haha.


-I'll stop buying games until I catch up, with a few special exceptions.

-I'll read reviews, check Metacritic, and even check so I know what I'm in for.


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