Final Fantasy Type-0 english fan translation is FINALLY HERE!

It's here, it runs perfectly (so far) on PPSSPP on Windows, and is (so far) a really good game!!!

(You need to make an ISO image of one of your game disks - either one will do- and then patch it with the patcher)

On PPSSPP you can map the D-Pad to the right stick (as well as to the D-Pad), which makes the game much more playable, as camera control is done by the D-Pad. There are some unfortunate camera issues but the game plays great. Loving it so far. Don't know and don't care about the story, it's the usual convoluted, trying-too-hard stuff with tons of awkward names like L'cie and so on. . . so don't ask me about that. You can play the game without following the story, (all cutscenes can be skipped) which starts off as a military scenario and involves a team of elite miltary cadets, 12 of them, and you can play any of them . (Some side-quests or story events are only accessible by a particular character) .

So far it's my favourite game in the series.

The translation is top-notch, better than a lot of official jobs.

To play on PSP you need Pro-B10 custom firmware and you need to activate the Inferno UMD driver.


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