"The Division" or "Destiny"? Which one looks better?

Having a bit of an issue trying to decide if I should pick up Destiny and The Division or just skip Destiny and just get The Division once I buy an Xbox One in Spring 2014. Destiny, to me, looks like a more spacious and better looking Borderlands (played the first one for 30 minutes and didn't care for it), while The Division looks like Watch_Dogs mixed with 28 Days Later (if that's truly what it is then this whole debate is pointless/Division=awesome-sauce). This is the first time an MMO has intrigued me (stayed clear away from WoW and StarCraft) and looks like I will have a great time playing with other people online. I know I could just rely on the reviews from GTTV, IGN or even Polygon about these games, but I want to hear what you think. Since both games look (and will probably play) the same (aside from some obvious differences, i.e.-magic, mysterious infection, etc.), would it be smart to get one or the other or just suck it up and get both? What are your thoughts?

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