My Open Letter to Microsoft

So I really want to want an Xbox one. I Don't like PlayStation, and I haven't since the PS1 (I would actively avoid them to be honest). But the things is, when you really think about it logically there aren't a whole lot of reasons to want an Xbox one from what has been revealed so far.

1. It's an Xbox, but I can't play my old xbox games.

This means I have to keep my Xbox 360 lying around under my telly. It also means the fact that PS4 is also not backward compatible isn't an issue to me. I'm in the same boat whatever I go for... Xbox one or PS4. There's still an extra console under the tv, complete with a new generation of games. I start from scratch.

2. It looks like a VCR. But I can't play VHS's

This one comes down to personal taste. But yeah, is it pretty? I don't think so.

3. I can't buy pre-owned games or borrow games from mates.

Yeah... I could still do this with a PS4. I Could potentially save myself a whole heap of cash in the long run. Also I'd have the opportunity to play and experience a wider range games too. I guess it doesn't take a genius to work out which option is the better one. And that's why Sony's stocks have exploded this afternoon.

4. It has Blu-Ray....

Slow clap for MS. Welcome to the party, shame you're about 8 years too late. If you don't have a Blu-ray player by now you probably don't want / need one. Also PS4 has this too.

5. Bungie's Massive new exclusive is no longer exclusive.

I'm so excited for Destiny, it's going to be great, you could say it's probably going to be the reason to buy an xbox one.... What? It's on PS4 too now... oh, ok then...

6. Xbox live gold subscription

I've never minded paying this in the past. But it leaves a bad taste in the mouth considering the condition point number 3 will have left my poor little wallet in. PS4 will provide this service for free.

7. Mandatory installs

Because of point number 3 I will now have to install all games to my hard drive. Kind of like a PC really. I already have one of them. It's super flexible, does lots of different things, pretty much anything I want it to short of making my breakfast. The games are mega cheap too (thanks Steam!) and I can hook it up to my TV if I want.

8. Mandatory Kinect.

Just no.

In summary, Congrats Microsoft you have successfully made me want a PS4.

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