My guess for how Xbox One will handle used games

This is completely a guess, but I think this is the solution Microsoft has in mind. I am basing this on my belief that Microsoft is trying to push everyone to being all-digital.

On a related note, I am trying really hard to be optimistic about this thing, but it's not looking good.

Without further ado...

  1. Gamer A buys a new copy of a game for full price. Installs game onto hard drive and never has to put the disc in again.
  2. Gamer A takes the game to Gamer B's house and is able to play it because Gamer A is logged in.
  3. Gamer B likes the game and wants to borrow it, but he is not allowed because publishers hate game borrowing.
  4. Gamer B decides to buy the game and now has two options. He can pay the "fee" and buy the game directly through Xbox Live from the publisher. This will cost him the full retail price of the game, but Gamer A still owns the game as well. The other option is that Gamer B can purchase the game directly from Gamer A for whatever price they agree upon. This will remove Gamer A's ability to play the game.
This system seems reasonable, but it still kind of sucks because it basically destroys the ability to borrow games and ruins multiple console households. Maybe at some point, Microsoft will roll out a system similar to lending Kindle books to friends, but I doubt it.
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