Xbox One? More Like Xbox Two...or Three!- You Need Cable TV!

So Microsoft's new console derive's it's name from the idea that it'll be the one box in your living room for all your entertainment needs. Here's the thing about that. It's not true. According to the folks over at All Things D, your Xbox One will have to be hooked up to a cable box to take advantage of the consoles TV services. Actually the article states that the Xbox One will have to be hooked up to a third box which will then have to be daisy chained to your cable box. All Things D.

So basically 90% of what Microsoft was touting yesterday will be completely unusable to me because crazy as it might sound I don't have cable.

If Microsoft wants to persuade me to buy their news fangled magic box they've got a funny way of going about it. Not showing many games, and highlighting a bunch of features I can't use leaves me wondering what exactly I would us their new console for. Playing VHS tapes maybe?

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