A few hidden games in Xbox One dashboard walkthrough


Title speaks for itself, of course you have the big image Quantum Break, and Forza 5. I wouldn't look too far into Halo, it's just a logo and we'll inevitably get one.... But the other images

1. Bottom left green Crackdown agility orb, I don't know why they would use that unless we're getting a sequel (a real one this time).

2. Bottom right has the Rare logo, if its an HD realization of a old franchise I wouldn't know what it is.

3. Middle right is almost certainly Ryse (roman buildings)

4. Top right, most intriguing to me, kind of gives me Fable vibe (Seer eyes)

I wouldn't look too far into the image between Forza and Halo, kind of looks like the Demo stuff 18 seconds in there. (I guess it could still be from a game?)

*-Update:* As Tom Warren points out the one betwean Forza and Halo is likely the the family kids game set on an island he reported on. http://www.theverge.com/2013/4/11/4212054/next-xbox-launch-titles-ryse-forza


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