XBOX One / Fanboy reaction as the final scene in the movie 'Seven'

This got some legit laughs out of me.

From the movie 'Seven' starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and a breakthrough role for Kevin Spacey, this is from the final scene and has been re-subtitled showing Spacey as a Microsoft executive and Brad Pitt as an angry fanboy reacting to the news and features of the new Xbox One console.


I used to have a 360 a few years ago but switched to a PS3 for blu ray playback as well as exclusive games and DLC that had interested me more. I preferred the all in one nature of the PS3, rather than having to buy bits and pieces to make the 360 work to a similar level (such as getting a wireless adapter for wifi connection).

Even with recent assurances from microsoft, I'm wondering if the damage has already been done to their reputation when it comes to fan and customer service.

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