Why the Xbox One is anti-consumer, and the One console to destroy us all.

First of all, this is my first forum post, and I thank anyone who happens to read this.

Everything that is a fact here, I will label it so, anything not, I will say so.

The Xbox One is everything that could kill the console market wrapped in a box. The anti-consumer policies embedded in its nature is astoundingly arrogant and greedy. First the facts.


The XBone will require the internet. Will this isn't the same as always online, it is almost as terrible. Microsoft has been very clear in stating how it isn't always online.

However, the reason for required internet is simple. DRM. Mark my words, this will be touted as a feature in the upcoming months. It seems Microsoft has not learned from SimCity, which also tried to hide its DRM as an integral feature. Which through simple modding, was found not to be the case.

Even if there was some new revolutionary "feature", the world is simply not ready for it. The smug Upper middle class folks like Adam Orth would tell you otherwise. The world simply doesn't have stable fast broadband internet. Neither does the US for that matter! Talk about alienating the world. Including our own Military, which would not want to fumble through special exemption codes.

Not to mention, having the console requiring to connect to the internet, will no doubt turn the console into a useless brick when the servers are down when the next generation ends. Essentially your purchases will be rentals.

It astounds me when people try to defend the required internet. It's DRM folks. It isn't the future. But it will be if we support this console.


Kinect 2.0 will be required to be plugged in for the console to function. Now before we get to the obvious privacy implications, ask yourself WHY is it required?

I have not found ONE credible reason for why the Kinect should be forced. The console has a controller, and the Xbox One's interface works with a controller.

Ask your self why again. Well this is what has been theorized (put on your tinfoil hats folks, bear with me).

The Microsoft current Terms of Service clearly states that they are not responsible for your privacy. The Kinect has a heartbeat sensor, which can gauge a persons emotions. The scare right now is, that could be potentially sold to advertisers. They can test out a new product or politician, and gauge emotional response.

As evidenced by a patent, there is a potential for the Kinect to be a form of visual DRM. As in, if someone walked into the room, the game would stop and demand payment.

The German government has already called the Xbox One "a living nightmare" and a "monitoring device". And are considering banning the console in their country.

Would you trust one in your home? Ask yourself again, why is it forced?


Now I'm going to get into used games, but a different take than you might have heard already.

The new word on the block is that the "used games fee" will be offloaded unto retailers.

THIS IS EVEN WORSE. Now the fee will be out of the public eye, and Microsoft can deny a fee. It is so brilliant. Except the cat is out of the bag.

Anyway, you may ask, What is the big deal?

It is a big deal. Essentially, Microsoft would be monopolizing the used games market. By setting a fee to Retailers, the retailers will cover the fee by increasing the price of used games, and lowering the value of trade-ins.

Basically, it is a hidden fee that we will pay for. Now that Microsoft controls the cost of fee's, they control the prices of the entire market. Scary, isn't it?

Those are just a few examples of what is extremely wrong with this console. If this console is a success, it would have catastrophic consequences on future gaming generations.

Luckily it seems people have caught on. The Xbox "highlight reveal" video has more views than the actual reveal. The Angry Joe video has 1+ million viewers and rising, with almost no dislikes. Twitter is ablaze, social media on fire. The global twitter poll is 88% PS4 and 12% XBone

I'd never thought I'd see the day, but there is an actual truce to the console war.

Microsoft screwed up big time. And with digital purchases not-transferring, they've made it easier than ever to jump ship. Their competitor has announced their console will not require internet. The console has so many problems, and the games/hardware haven't even been a factor yet. Nor should it, if these policies continue.

Microsoft has gotten rid of the only advantage the consoles had.


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