So...what was the big deal again?

I just decided to jump over from The Verge to ask this.

After watching both the Microsoft and Sony conferences, I'm still confused at what the big argument is.

I really liked Microsoft's lineup of games. I really like Microsoft's media features.

I can't afford either at launch, unless I somehow come onto some extra cash, so I don't care about the price.

In the end, the only thing that stood out to me was the fact that I really liked a couple of the games that Microsoft had to show off.

The Sony conference was okay, but mostly boring to me. I'm still fairly indifferent to the "online" and "used game" stuff as well.

The thing that confuses me. Why is everyone taking this so darn seriously? They're making this out to be a big war or something, while Sony and Microsoft have been aiming for a different direction and crowd from the beginning. As well, it seems like everyone is purposefully out for blood with Microsoft, as well.

TL;DR : What am I missing here? Am I just not "hardcore" enough to care?

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