The benefit of MS's Live policy that MS totally fails to explain

First off let me say that it is absurd that this even needs to be cleared up. Whoever is in charge of marketing the XB1 needs to be fired right now. They could not have done a worse job of pointing out their strengths, their direction, their reasons for doing what they are doing, or even how it works. Sony by staying totally silent and providing vague corporate double speak looks like geniuses. For the average consumer that doesn't dig into things and research them, the XB1 is the pure evil from what they have heard. These people have been running around claiming some of the strengths of MS are actually weakness and it's crazy. Which is really tragic considering the many ways XB1 does things in much better ways.

This is not another chance for people to argue about used games, or DRM, free games, price, or kinect. This is a whole different area where MS is letting their enemies paint them as the bad guys. It blows my mind that people are running around saying MS is anti-consumer for charging Indie developers and everyone else to update or publish their games. When in fact it is pro consumer and puts the consumer over the devs.

People that have PC gamed know the horrors of PC gaming. Games were constantly shipped broken, not bugged broken. Battlecruiser 3000AD is one of the most infamous games there is for being released broken and incomplete. Luckily I didn't have to deal with that debacle. Devs sometimes have bills to pay so they release inferior products and are forced into it. This game was such a case because it took him 3 years after release but he finally fixed it. He felt bad. Many others are horrible games and they release it to an unknowing public for a quick cash grab and make no effort to fix it. This should not be allowed to happen.

Having been ripped off many times with PC games I am thankful that MS has the policies they have in place to protect the consumer. I've never had a broken game on an MS product. Small bugs to be sure, but nothing major. It's what I love about consoles in general. With a very few exceptions along the way... looking at you Friday the 13th on NES. People act like Sony letting anyone publish anything on PSN is a good thing and it is not. It is anti-consumer and pro business. Saying you can do anything you want to our customers is the exact opposite of caring about your customers. Sure people try and spin it like it's a good thing, but it's not.

Maybe MS charges too much, but a good game will make money, so I'm reluctant to believe that. All one has to do is look at Notch and Minecraft. Small indie game crushing the world pretty much. I am totally for them charging for updates. You shouldn't need updates. Stop sending it out before it's ready. If a game has episodes that's a different deal. I dunno the specifics of the policy, but it very well may need some tweaking and may not be entirely fair to the developers, but it's in the best interest of the consumer that's for sure. This policy over all is a great thing for the consumer. So, yeah I'll take MS protecting me from poor products and cash grabs on Live over having no controls at all. Say no to anti-consumerism by putting devs first and letting them put up subpar and/or broken garbage up with no controls. This is one area where MS is the champion of having it's users back. People that want to hate MS will hate them, but this is one area where they deserve praise from their customers.

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