How MS could save the "Family Plan".

As we all know Microsoft has killed the X1 DRM and with it, the ability to have and share your entire library of games (disc and digital) with your choice of ten friends. Without being able to check in on discs to determine their owner the X1 disc based games are now future proof (that's good) but also dead to sharing. (that's bad)

If Microsoft wants to truly push toward an all digital future then the opportunity to do that is still here: Give digital download purchases the "Family Plan" treatment but with the stipulation that you have to be online the whole time you play one. That way the servers know who can and can't have access and are able to free up playing slots in real time.

If you are sharing someone else's game, the least you can do is keep an online connection to do it.

This way Microsoft has a powerful lure to get people to CHOOSE moving to digital without the cheetoe fingers holding things back. Developers too can get into this action by making digital versions of games cheaper and giving them exclusive bonuses. It would be worth it to dissuade the used games market.

What do you guys think?

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