Progression and Tradition in Harmony: My Ideal Xbone

We all know what happened, but in case you don't, Microsoft is dropping all of their policies regarding DRM and used games, basically the Xbone right now I nothing more than an upgraded version 360.

Now, I will admit, I was one of those assholes who bashed the system and keep posting silly GIFs about it non stop as soon as it was announced (hey, you gotta admit too, it's fun to do it!), but now that I think about it, I do think that it was quite a progressive system. I don't support DRM, nor do I like always online, but the family sharing is indeed a neat feature. I won't say innovation, but Microsoft was definitely looking at the future. In the wrong way though.

You see, here is what bothers me the most, a lot of people seem like they can't wait to move forward and progress to the future, which is totally fine, but not so much when they are doing so by sacrificing traditions. To me, tradition and progression are equally important, just because we are moving forward doesn't mean that we have abandon what we have now. To me, what Microsoft was doing until yesterday was progressing by sacrificing traditions, and what they are doing now by getting rid of everything and go back to their old style is the opposite, sacrificing progressions in order to keep its traditions. Neither of them pleases me.

So here is what I was thinking, why not both, Microsoft?

Here is what I would like to see: We can still have the sharing feature and we can still play games without putting the disc into the system, and cloud will still be here, but all these features are only enable after the 24 hours check. In other words, the same thing as before. But here is the twist I would like to have, an offline mode that prevent the system to become nothing more than a box when you can't go online. You can still play games, but not from your library, you will need the disc. The library will be something that you can have access to when you do the online check, but you can still have access to your own physical library when you are not online. In other words, when you do the 24 hours check, the Xbone will be the progressive system that embrace the digital world, but if you have crappy Internet connection, you can still play the games in the old fashion way just like the 360. Win win situation for both sides of people who want everything to go digital and people who want things in the old fashion way.

I know what you are thinking, what about used games? Well it can definitely get complicated, but not impossible. Here is what I would like to see: If you have never go online and never register your game into your library, you can sell your games right away just like what you have been doing all these years. But if you have registered your game into your library, the system, the cloud and the disc will know this, and other people won't be able to play your disc in their account and system. However, if you have the game in your library, there will be a forfeit option for your games, and when you forfeit your games, it will disappear from your library, and it will generate a code that can allow whoever enter that code reactivate the game again into their system. When you sell your games, you will be required to sell that code along with the copy. Not the most ideal way, but it can work somehow.

Lastly, the most important one of all, is to have Sawashiro Miyuki as the narrating voice for the system's menu. This is will make it the best gaming system ever.

I am no business man or programmer, so I'm sure that what I said its not the most prefect way, which is why you guys and the comment sections are here. Let me know what you think, Microsoft probably wont see this and nothing will change, but for now, at least we can built the delusional ideal gaming system together in here.

No objections on Sawashiro being the narrator though.

Also, I'm on my phone, so excuse any of my typo. I will correct them as soon as possible if there is any.

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