Xbox's cloud is starting to come into focus

As information regarding the next generation of consoles continues to trickle in, I've been keeping a close eye on Microsoft's highly touted cloud services, trying to piece together what all it could bring to the table. Microsoft is potentially in a position that Sony will have a hard time competing with. Microsoft's experience in software and services is something that Sony lacks.

Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment, the makers of Titanfall, made a blog post explaining how Microsoft's cloud services are enabling them to push the boundaries with what they're building. Although, the post reeks of Microsoft PR, it's still an interesting read and sheds some light on what is really going on. Polygon wrote about it here.

It appears that Microsoft is leveraging their Azure cloud computing platform to provided these services to Xbox developers at extremely competitive prices. These cloud services, much like Amazon's EC2, gives developers an extremely efficient way to use cloud computing because it can scale with load. It seems that Microsoft is offering these services at a crazy good price to Xbox developers and I'm guessing that these prices are a result of the total bill being partially subsidized by Xbox Live subscriptions.

Microsoft has arranged these technologies and services in a way that only they can. They have a system in place that allows them to have player-supported cloud computing for their developers and honestly, Sony is just going to have a hard time competing with this. Sony's strength has always lied in hardware but things are changing fast and I fear they're going to be forced out of their element. Microsoft, on the other hand, will feel much more at home.

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