The Road to November: What could happen with the Xbox One (opinion)

Its been a couple weeks since E3 and Microsoft decides to switch things around with changing its online and used games policies on the Xbox One. Now with Gamescon and now Tokyo Game Show coming up, we'll need to see what they'll do to bring back their fans.

Microsoft just recently had its Build Developer Conference and the only big announcement on the Xbox side is a partnership with Unity and that's pretty much it. I was kinda expecting a little more Xbox talk from Build on developing for the Xbox One but it didn't happen so what is there to expect in the next couple of months.

As I mention earlier, Gamescon is coming in August & the Tokyo Game Show is in September and the Xbox One going to have a presence there after missing last year shows to focus on smaller shows. What will they show is anyone guess but it would need to be on games and what the console can do on the gaming side. Highlight the key features on the console and how it will benefit the gamer. Give the gamer an amazing reason why SmartGlass and Kinect will make the games more connected keep us playing for a long time. Show the games but not a lot like at E3 & it would need to be shown with actual gameplay and no video. And hopefully an actual release date.

Now what about the entertainment side of the Xbox One. There's HDMI pass-through where you switch between Live TV and the Xbox One is great but what else. They would have to do a separate show/conference to show these entertainment things cause we literally don't know besides it having Netflix, Hulu Plus, its own Xbox Video/Xbox Music as a safe bet. With its recent announcement with Time Warner Cable letting you stream 300 channels on your Xbox 360, you think it could come the Xbox One as well. So how will this happen, I would say Comic-Con with its movie and TV stuff which would make sense for the upcoming Halo TV series but i don't know.

Microsoft needs to remind consumers why they will be the best next-gen console on the market. How will they do it we will see in the next couple of months. Maybe they could do of those touring events like they did with the Kinect back in 2010 but make its shows off both the gaming and the entertainment but we'll see.

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