A Discourse on Gamers' "Rights"

Howdy fellow polynauts,

I've been rather angry with Microsoft's current stance on "always on" DRM, Used games, and split focus toward gaming. So I wanted to engage the Forums, to see what other people's opinons are on Microsofts Stance on DRM, Used games, and Gamers' Rights.

Given that the Comments sections are brimming with anger, and malice, I wanted to engage the average Forum reader and poster, in part because they are a different breed of commenter, and secondly because a discourse might be more productive here.

So onto the topic at hand: personally my hatred toward Microsoft stems from (1) the fact that my privileges as a gamer are being eradicated. In that I am no longer the true owner of the gaming software that I purchase, but instead I am a Licensee that can only resell the game once, and only under certain, dare I say draconian (sure 1st world problems), conditions. (2) I am being subjected to inconveniences such as a daily connection. I know that for some, and most that visit polygon this is not much of a problem, but where I live there can be times where the internet gives out for a few days and then comes back on. (3) This one blends into the first one, but I don't believe that any publisher in there right mind would allow any game to be resold an infinit amount of times, and as such Microsoft is catering more toward the publisher and treating me, the consumer, as part of the problem or at least as some nominal buyer.

These three things discourage me about what Sony will be announcing and about where gaming is headed in the future. In any case, I would appreciate a productive discourse of this topic if it suits anyone, especially if others have counter points of view.

Thank you,

(I've always wanted to say Polynauts assemble!)

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