Microsoft simply has too much money and ubiquity to "lose" a console generation. Why write them off so early?

We've seen it with the first Xbox, where they "brute-forced" their way into the games industry which was owned by two juggernauts at the time, by providing powerful PC hardware, which allowed for use of the DirectX API for making games(a first for the console space) and buying exclusives left and right. Of course, the Xbox divisions net loss was over a billion dollars, but Microsoft went ahead full swing with the 360, and the rest is history.

Micorosft owns Windows, DirectX and has a boatload of cash to boot. In my mind, Microsoft CAN'T lose this gen, or at the very least, will put up a strong fight. They have the money and the toolset to buy off exclusives and studios, even from third-party devs. Not to mention, in an era where "cloud" is the new buzzword, Microsoft is providing cheap dedicated server hosting through their huge array of servers around the world, through Azure (see: Titanfall).

Personally, I'm a Playstation/Nintendo guy, never really been into any of the MS first-party stuff, but the point I'm trying to make is, they have too much at their disposal to really lose, per say. Whereas if you flip-over to Sony's direction, the PS4 is make-or-break for them, cause the company as a whole isn't doing well, which isn't really the case for MS who have been turning over annual profits for years now.


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