XB1 Kinect Scanning You for Advertisments


So it was one thing to joke about it or to hypothesize about the potential, but here it is out in the open and naked:

Some things to get out of the way

  1. The ad team supposedly has a more limited toolset for Kinect than game devs
  2. This will result in more personalized ads
  3. We all knew this was a strong possibility so let's not act like this is the first time a company has tried to make money.

While I'm not shocked, I'm a little offended that MS wants to sell me, my family and my friends to advertisers in such an intimate way. It's more than a little sleazy. Maybe if it was opt-in this would be great. Yeah they wouldn't get as many people but damn if the folks that want in won't be happy. I opt-in to Google Ads and love it and have found useful services through them. Granted I'm doing that at a more technical level so while most people can't avoid the Google ads I actively seek them out and weed out others. I'm not alone in this since Google is seen as one of the more trust worthy ad companies. The point is that there are people willing to opt-in if given the choice so we shouldn't assume this is all bad for every one.

What are your opinions on the matter?

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