XBONE Interface: What will it look like

Based from some of the snippets and screen shots of the new UI for the Xbox One, what do you guys think it will look like.


via cdn.redmondpie.com

Personally from what I see, It looks more clean but it seems that there will be ads on the dashboard. I want a clean interface that is not cluttered with ads. The first dashboard: I want it to be customizable and actually allow you to pin apps on there instead of a folder of pinned apps. The other menus different from the dashboard could have some ads. I would prefer catered ads.


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I want the xbox menu when you are in the game to respond more quickly than the 360 and have more options without making me dashboard.

Multitasking is a big thing as well. I want play games while im watching TV or a video from youtube or a Movie from Netflix. They showed off that you could load a multiplayer game while playing another game. I would love to see more.


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Hopefully we get some more facts and info closer to launch.

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