Tomb Raider multiplayer is atrocious

It takes a lot for me to go out of my way to post something negative about a product, but after hours of frustration, server issues, bugs, lag, and glitches, I feel I should put in my two cents.

First things first. The single player is amazing; easily my favorite Tomb Raider story and one of the best games I've played in a while. I have nothing but glowing admiration for this much needed reboot. (I especially like how they gave Lara's character real depth instead of just shallow sex appeal).

That being said, the multiplayer aspect is atrocious. It is literally the single worst experience I've had in any multiplayer, period. I'm not exaggerating over a few bugs or balancing issues here. It it completely broken. The problems are numerous, but let me list a few:

  • Probably 7-8 out of 10 matches get dropped or freeze the game in a permanent black screen (usually between rounds). If you ever finish a match, pat yourself on the back; you somehow beat the odds.
  • Almost every match has incredible lag. It looks like people are constantly teleporting around the map. Shooting someone is akin to spray and pray; even if someone is in your sights, they might not actually be there, and you might actually die seemingly for no reason (though the game will tell you someone shot you, when nothing even happened on your screen). Sometimes you'll see a grenade go off 20 feet away from you, and 10 seconds later, after running around the map and shooting people, you'll magically fly up in the air and die. A lot of times the person you're shooting at will be invincible (which I assume is caused by lag), though they can still run around and kill you. Yeah, it's that bad. Lag isn't a rare occurrence; it's the norm.
  • You and others routinely get stuck in the environment, unable to move or do anything.
  • Losing connections to servers is commonplace. One time, I was playing a match when the game warned me that I would be disconnected from the server for 'inactivity'...even though I was playing the objective and had the highest score on the team. Twenty-five seconds later, sure enough, I got booted for in-activeness, as I was in the middle of shooting someone. Other times the game will just boot you for no explanation at all, other than 'connection to server lost'.
  • My issue with balancing is simple; it doesn't exist. You will routinely get thrown into matches with 2 against 6 or 3 against 5, even if there are an even number of players. The two factions you can play as, the 'survivors' and 'salorai', are also unbalanced. The salorai are overpowered with one-shot-kill bows and extremely powerful handguns.
  • Melee in the multiplayer is simply broken. It's so finicky and inaccurate that it just becomes two idiots swinging at air. Hopefully you'll get lucky and hit something. And don't even get me started on spawn trapping.

I have many more complaints, but take notice on what they are mainly focused on; stability and performance. It's not the gameplay that's bad (balancing issues aside), it's the servers, bugs, and glitches. The whole experience feels tacked-on and broken. It's not fun at all. It's frustrating and buggy, and simply being able to finish a match without being dropped is an accomplishment in itself.

I've looked around on message boards, and I know it's not just me. What about you guys? Is anyone here having these same issues? The version I played was the definitive edition downloaded for the Xbox One.

Here's some gameplay I uploaded on my channel:

Stuff like this happens all the time.

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