XBOne Classifieds

Since most of my Xbox Live buddies are still on the 360 I've been playing alone quite a bit lately (well, multiplayer, but not with anyone I know). I thought maybe I'd create a "classified" ad here on Polygon since the community seems to be pretty level headed and mature. I'm hoping to find like minded and like play-style people who are up for growing their friends list. (Like minded isn't a huge deal but I'm trying to weed out the riff raff, running a Counter Strike server way back when, I've dealt with enough racist players for a lifetime.)

So, here it is:
Forty something gamer seeks companions for multiplayer adventures. Enjoys all sorts of games but lately has been playing BF4 and has Titanfall on pre order. He'd like to join up with cool headed but marginally serious gamers. He prefers game types with objectives, like domination or conquest, and works toward objective goals.

I think that probably covers it. Connect with BoldMrRogers if you'd like to play some BF4 and Titanfall (or whatever else, I played the heck out of Dead Rising 3). Add your own classified if you're also looking for gamers to connect with.

(Also, anyone know if there are communities for this sort of thing? I'm curious how others build their friends lists, or does everyone just play with real-life friends?)

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