DESTINY disappointment?

I love online MMOG games, i get hooked, then i play like crazy for 6months - 1year, then it reaches a point where you have to play for hours to get any progress etc, after which i get bored and never return.
Such has been the case for Guild Wars, WOW, CONAN, Guild Wars 2 and Anarchy Online, even EverQuest.

I also enjoy first person shooters, where i can play for the only 30minutes available during the day.

Best of both worlds:
Then i stumbled upon BorderLands 2 in 2013, i was very late jumping into the BorderLands world. I thought it was a turn based FALLOUT type game. I was hooked.
Loved the characters, loved the story, looting & leveling and "guns, lots of guns". It is and was a badass game! Going through the Ultimate Vault Hunter mode was good but the story got tiresome after a while. I also felt that the DLC's were not as entertaining, and were very hard for a solo player. I also sat with a feeling of dissapointment when our group killed Handsome jack/Warrior. It was too easy! The conclusion to the story involved shooting at a fire breathing stone dragon for 10minutes. The End. Normal beasts and mobs were harder to kill. The bosses should have been more unpredictable. Terramorphous should have been "warrior".

Back to the point:
I am really looking forward to Destiny. I hope it will have the same great mix of MMORPG and FPS that Borerlands 2 has. I hope Destiny is better balanced and has alternative story lines for each character.
It is dangerous to have high expectations. It only leads to disappointment.

What expectations do you have? Is it already over hyped?

Have a good day y'all.


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