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Platform iOS, Win, Mac, Android, PSP Publisher EA Chillingo Developer Rovio Entertainment Release Date 12/11/2009

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How pinball and boardwalk amusements gave rise to video games

But this story fails to take into account a huge history of boardwalk and pinball games that exerted immense cultural influence on the early days of video games, most especially in arcades, which is still being felt today. This summer a new exhibit at The Strong's National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY, will seek to connect today's games with the mechanical amusements of the past, stretching back to the early years of the 20th Century. The exhibit, called The Boardwalk Arcade and Pinball Playfields, will feature a disparate selection of machines including some of the earliest boardwalk games and seminal pinball machines such as Ballyhoo (1932), Humpty Dumpty (1947) and Triple Action (1948). Last year, the museum held a smaller exhibit of arcane arcade machines that organizers say...

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Publishers like EA's Chillingo scramble to find the next big mobile hit

For every hit mobile game that floods gaming culture and enriches its creators, there are thousands that sit, unloved and unprofitable, in the sorry bowels of app stores. Yet developers all over the world continue to seek ways to get their games noticed. One route, slightly old-fashioned in our age of self-publishing and creative autonomy, is to go with a publisher. This comes with certain pros and cons. Publishers have expertise and access to app store marketing lanes. But they have their own ways of doing things, and they come with no guarantees of success. Chillingo is Electronic Arts' third party mobile publishing wing. EA bought the British outfit back in 2010 when it was riding high with certain geographic publishing rights to titles like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. But those...


Report: British intelligence agency considered spying in homes with Kinect

The Xbox 360 Kinect camera was at one point evaluated for its potential use in mass surveillance of people in their homes, according to documents disclosed by The Guardian. This information comes from files dated between 2008 and 2010, as leaked by NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. The documents suggest during this period a surveillance program codenamed Optic Nerve collected images of internet users through Yahoo's webcam chat service with the help of the United States National Security Agency. While the agency has allegedly intercepted and stored millions of images of Internet users not suspected of wrongdoing through webcams on Windows PC and Mac systems, the Xbox 360 peripheral was also evaluated for its potential as surveillance technology. Presentation documents from the...


Mac Bitcoin-stealing malware spreads via cracked versions of Angry Birds and other apps

Researchers have discovered a Bitcoin-stealing malware called OSX/CoinThief being spread via cracked apps such as Angry Birds, according to an announcement by security company ESET. The OSX/CoinThief trojan, first discovered by SecureMac researchers, is being spread via P2P file-sharing networks as cracked versions of OS X text editor BBEdit, graphics editor Pixelmator, media cataloguing app Delicious Library and Angry Birds. The trojan infects Mac OS X machines and steals login credentials related to Bitcoin exchanges and wallet sites through the installation of malicious browser add-ons. Michael McKinnon, a security advisor at AVG told Polygon that the connection of gaming and Bitcoin users is not a coincidence because the demographic of cultures run parallel to each other....


Trip Hawkins and how to fix gaming's 'pornography' problem

"Do you ever feel like what we are doing is too much like pornography?" With this introduction, game industry grandee Trip Hawkins began an eclectic and ranging DICE speech on the potential of educational games to improve the lives of students. His point, eventually located, was that many parents and teachers view games with hostility and suspicion, even though games have the potential to teach way more effectively than outdated didactic methods. Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts, said that the game industry has a bad reputation, because it creates educationally empty experiences that divert kids' attention away from education. "It's a battlefield," he said, between children and adults. "This is why we're being perceived as a social ill. Children's attention is on [cellphones] and...

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Say Happy Valentine's by sending a personalized video game

But Ard Bonewald wants to democratize the process. Why do you have to be a developer to create a personalized game to propose marriage, or wish someone a happy Valentine's Day, or to get well soon? "I would see that people were asking their girlfriends to marry them using a game they had made or the favorite game of their girlfriend," said Bonewald, chief executive officer and creative director of Tingly Games. "I thought that it was awesome, but I can't do that because I can't program. So I thought it would be neat if I could do that and if other people could do that without programming." The result is Greeting Games, a website that quickly creates personalized web-based video games that also deliver a message to a player. The website, which is currently in beta but set for a full...


Angry Birds maker says it didn't let NSA spy on users

Rovio Entertainment said today that it does not share any data from users of its apps with government spy agencies such as the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and U.K.'s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). The Finnish company was responding to allegations in a secret British report from 2012 — leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, and made public by ProPublica and The New York Times yesterday — that the NSA and GCHQ collected user data from mobile ad companies, and particularly, that some of that data may have come from a "leaky" Angry Birds app. Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. Rovio "does not share data, collaborate or collude with any government spy agencies such as NSA or GCHQ anywhere in the world," the company said today,...


Secret documents reveal NSA may be spying on you with Angry Birds (update)

The National Security Agency and its British counterpart may have scooped up Angry Birds player data as well as data from other "leaky apps" as it sought user information from mobile ad companies, according to a secret British report made public today by ProPublica and The New York Times. According to the 2012 report, the NSA and British intelligence frequently collected user data from mobile ad companies and "mined" it for information, comparing it with their lists of intelligence targets. The Angry Birds app, which has been downloaded more than a billion times, tracked users' locations and other data and passed it onto mobile ad companies, which means it is possible that Angry Birds player data may be among the information the intelligence agencies scooped up. Developer Rovio...


Less than half of Rovio's 800 employees are making games

Of the entertainment company's more than 800 employees, less than half of Rovio's staff are game developers, with more focused on building the Angry Birds brand, executive vice president of games Jami Laes told Venture Beat. "I think less than half are working on games now," Laes said. "But games will always be at the core of Rovio. That's our heritage. The majority of the folks who have come from different industries to work on different areas of our business, they all experienced the game as their first encounter with the brand. When it comes to future franchises, they'll most likely see the light of day from the games department, rather than another area of our business." Laes explained that after the success of Angry Birds, rather than focus on putting together a second great...


Finnish games renaissance is the result of a lack of interest in money, says Supercell

The boom of Finland's games industry is the result of a cultural disinterest in making money, Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen told TechCrunch, expaining the growing success of companies like Rovio, Grand Cru and Supercell itself in the country. While an initial push in games development came from the Finnish government and numerous venture capitalists, the growing local scene has maintained its trajectory because of a focus on quality projects in the face of losing money. According to Paananen, prior to the greenlighting of Clash of Clans and Hay Day, Supercell killed off more projects than it launched in 2012. For this reason, despite the possibility that the success of games like Angry Birds could result in an influx of developers into the community who hope to make quick money — a...

Angry Birds Releases
North America
  • iOS
    • Released 12/11/2009
    • Publisher EA Chillingo
    • Developer Rovio Entertainment
  • Windows
    • Released 01/04/2011
    • Publisher Rovio Entertainment
    • Developer Rovio Entertainment
  • Mac
    • Released 01/06/2011
    • Publisher Rovio Entertainment
    • Developer Rovio Entertainment
  • Android
    • Released 10/15/2010
    • Publisher Rovio Entertainment
    • Developer Rovio Entertainment
  • PlayStation Portable
    • Released 07/19/2011
    • Publisher Rovio Entertainment
    • Developer Rovio Entertainment
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