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Platform Win Publisher Got Game Entertainment Developer Bohemia Interactive Release Date 07/07/2009

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GameSpy Technology shutting down May 31 (update)

GameSpy Technology, the Glu Mobile-owned service that provides multiplayer functionality for dozens of games on consoles, computers and mobile devices, will shut down as of May 31, according to the company's website. "Effective May 31, 2014, GameSpy will cease providing all hosting services for all games still using GameSpy," the statement reads. "Thanks for a great ride!" The company had already stopped licensing out its services to publishers as of Jan. 1, 2013. GameSpy Technology has existed in some form since 1997, when it debuted as a listing service for Quake server IP addresses. It is a separate entity from the gaming site GameSpy, which was shut down by its parent company, Ziff Davis, in February 2013. The service offers features such as multiplayer matchmaking,...


Bohemia attempted to port Arma 2 to Xbox 360, post-Arma 3 project will 'likely' be multiplatform

Bohemia Interactive attempted to port Arma 2 to Xbox 360 but "we couldn't get it right," project lead Joris-Jan van 't Land told Eurogamer, revealing that the studio's post-Arma 3 project is "much more likely to be multiplatform." While van t' Land told Eurogamer that Bohemia does have PS4 and Xbox One dev kits, he reiterated Bohemia's stance against porting Arma 3 to consoles. Announcing Arma 3's Steam-exclusivity last February, the developer stated at the time that it wanted to avoid issues associated with developing a multiplatform game. He added that while a console version of Arma 3 is "out of the scope," the studio's next project "is becoming much more likely to be multiplatform." The developer will begin pre-production on the next, undecided project in 2015, according van t'...


DayZ reaches 1M in sales, 'shots fired' against traditional publishing model

Bohemia Interactive sold more than one million copies of DayZ within four weeks of its Early Access release, creator Dean Hall announced today, telling Polygon that the milestone is a "shots fired moment" against the traditional publishing model. ".... we're just blown away with the success of it," Hall told Polygon in an email today. "We obviously knew that there was strong interest in the concept, but weren't sure whether that interest was just ‘hype' or whether it would actually translate into real sales. I remember when we finally pushed the button, I had this moment of panic when I wondered if many people would really buy it." DayZ stemmed from a mod for Bohemia's Arma 2 which rolled out in 2012, with the standalone announced in August. Bohemia CEO Marek Spanel revealed in...


Project Reality to become standalone title Project Reality 2

The Project Reality mod is set to evolve into a standalone title for Windows PC called Project Reality 2,  The Project Reality Team announced on the mod's official forums. Project Reality 2 will be a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter PC game, based on mods for Battlefield 2 and ARMA 2. According to the team, the goal is to develop a "realistic, immersive and demanding shooter" with a focus on fostering teamwork through tactical gameplay. "Since its inception over 8 years ago, Project Reality has built a large, dedicated community which has watched the mod evolve from a single forum post into one of the most successful and decorated modifications of its time," the developers wrote. "As Project Reality has continued to grow and branch out onto multiple game engines,...


DayZ alpha no longer has a release window, but closes in on launch

DayZ no longer has a release window for its alpha, a long awaited early build of the zombie action-survivor Arma 2 mod that is becoming its own game. After missing several of his own deadlines for releasing the alpha, developer Dean Hall can't bring himself to announce another one to fans. "I've made a heck of a lot of mistakes giving out release dates," Hall said in a meeting at Gamescom. "We don't have any release dates internally anymore." Instead, he told Polygon, he and his team are going to focus on completing the alpha. The team has a checklist to work off of and once it's done they'll release the alpha. That list, he said, is down to a single check box: Networking. That's despite the fact that last year Hall essentially rebooted the game. "It was a very grim time last...


A developer's guide to surviving fame, trolls and themselves

"What's this all about?" asked the woman behind the checkout, curious about the exchange. "This guy's famous," said the dude, explaining that McMillen had been featured in a hit documentary about game developers. "Yeah," replied McMillen, somewhat embarrassed. "I'm Lord of the Nerds." Last weekend's Phil Fish episode, in which the Fez developer argued on Twitter with video presenter Marcus Beer and then furiously quit game development, has spent these few days of news-cycle intensity being portrayed as yet another example of online rage, trolls and baiting. But after talking to developers behind games such as God of War, The Binding of Isaac, DayZ, Duke Nukem, Depression Quest and World of Goo, it's clear that this is also a story about people who have found public recognition...


After a crazy year, Bohemia is hoping for a much, much quieter life

No other company in gaming has experienced a weirder year than Bohemia Interactive. Apart from pulling together the much-anticipated military-sim behemoth that is ARMA 3 the firm has enjoyed one of the biggest surprise-hits of the year, through Dean Hall's ARMA II mod DayZ, now being turned into a standalone game. But much, much stranger was the arrest last year of two of its developers, holidaying on the same Greek island-setting for ARMA 3 and arrested for espionage. As detailed in a Polygon interview earlier this year the two men, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, spent four months in a Greek jail. Now back in their home country the Czech Republic, they are still awaiting trial. We could hardly focus on work anymore. Apart from a few official statements, Bohemia has largely kept...


DayZ pricing model outlined, currently in closed alpha

DayZ, the standalone zombie survival game that began as a mod of Bohemia Interactive's Arma 2, is currently in closed alpha mode, creator Dean Hall told Gamasutra, where he also outlined the game's pricing model. "So what we're doing at the moment is, we gave free keys as a gift to the forum moderators, the Reddit moderators, people who helped out with DayZ development, and stuff like that," Hall told Gamasutra. "I guess there's about 30-100 people involved with that." Hall went on to say that the game will not be released in alpha mode earlier than June, as Polygon previously reported. The alpha release will be revisited that month once the server-client architecture is completed and the situation is reviewed. Hall also discussed that DayZ's pricing model will work in increasing...


DayZ devblog features shipwreck screenshots and PAX East panel video

A new devblog from the creators of DayZ, a standalone game based on the Arma 2 mod, features screenshots of a shipwreck, the latest building created for the game, and the team's video blog from PAX East. "This shipwreck has a vast amount of enter-able space inside and we haven't decided exactly where it is going to be placed on Chernarus yet either so some of the pictures are taken from our test map which is bland/featureless and which we use for testing new buildings," writes production assistant, Matt Lightfoot. The hour and a half long video blog features the Day Z panel at PAX East and footage of Day Z mod creator Dean "Rocket" Hall discussing details of the game with fans after the event. Another video blog from the Game Developers Conference will be released in upcoming blog...


Arma 2: DayZ Mod now on Steam

Bohemia Interactive' Arma 2: DayZ Mod is now available for download for free on Steam for those who own Arma 2 and the expansion Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. The mod, created by Dean "Rocket" Hall for Arma 2: Combined Operations (the name given to Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead packaged together) is a persistent multiplayer mod where players can go solo or team up with friends for survival in a world ravaged by an infectious disease. A recent update to the mod brought several new weapons, introduced new ways to get infected and made the "zombies" more adept at tracking down survivors. The free mod available on Steam is not the standalone version of DayZ. In a recent Reddit AMA, Dean Hall said that the standalone version is expected to release before April.

Arma 2 Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 07/07/2009
    • Publisher Got Game Entertainment
    • Developer Bohemia Interactive
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