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Platform 360, PS3 Publisher Ubisoft Developer Ubisoft Montreal Release Date 2007-11-13

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Video games trick you into thinking you're in control, and that's bad

Instantly your mind is racing, giving substance to that room, life to that man. Perhaps it's a wood paneled room with plush velvet carpeting and a roaring fireplace, or it's bitterly cold in a castle keep, or the room is sheets of riveted steel, soulless, lost deep in space. The man is 20. No, he's 90. He's missing a leg. He's blind. He's wearing a tux. But drop into the digital skin of that man, a specific soldier in a battle standing in a forest in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and that sense of control is gone, gone despite the very real control you have over him with a gamepad. You see, video games expect a lot of you, but deliver very little actual agency in return. In fact, without you at the gamepad many of them cease to function properly. Imagine playing through the story of the...


Assassin's Creed Rogue lets you assassinate the assassins

The Assassins Creed series has long allowed players to assume the role of a stealthy assassin who tries to thwart the work of the Knights Templar. Now, the series' developer is giving players a taste of their own medicine by putting them in the shoes of the Templars. "In previous games you were performing all the assassinations," said Assassin's Creed Rogue's game director, Martin Capel. "Now we've developed characters that can assassinate you." Playing as a templar named Shay Patrick Cormac, players work with the British forces to try to remove the French from power and break the control and influence of the assassins. Where assassin characters in previous games had to follow the creed and approach most missions in a stealthy way, the templars don't live by rules. "If you want pure...


All about Élise and Assassin's Creed Unity's love story

Now we're finding out more about her role in the game and in the story of player character Arno Dorian. Although Élise fights for the Templars and Arno for the Assassins, they form a love interest, partly based on their shared family ties. "This is something we've wanted to do for a very long time," said creative director Alex Amancio in an interview with Game Informer. "We felt that with this generation it was a good opportunity to crank it up a notch and have a story that's a bit more serious and more mature. "Love stories are always a hard thing in video games because ultimately they can very easily become a tangent," he added. "By making Élise a Templar and making that part of the core, it's part of the actual struggle of the character. It prevents it from becoming a B-plot or a...


Your favorite video games re-imagined as adorable children's books

Yesterday, we brought you video games imagined as Norman Rockwell illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post. Today, take a gander at Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid and more, presented as Little Golden Books. These are the work of Joey Spiotto's "Storytime" series, which also gives the Little Golden Book treatment to TV series and films like Breaking Bad, Robocop and There Will Be Blood in addition to video games. Spiotto's offering signed prints from the series for $35 each, or $75 framed (though some are sold out.) There are 50 in all, and they can all be seen at the link.


Steam deals announced for Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed Unity

Steam and Ubisoft have posted pre-purchase deals for two of the year's most anticipated big budget games, Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed Unity. Anyone who buys Far Cry 4 on Steam, prior to its November launch, will receive Hurk's Redemption Missions consisting of 60 minutes of gameplay as well as three extra missions and an exclusive weapon. Far Cry 4 is a combat and exploration adventure, set in the Himalayas, featuring a returning native who comes up against a power-mad despot. Assassin's Creed Unity, scheduled for release in October, is set during the French Revolution and features the series' trademark traversal and fighting mechanics. Pre-order Steam bonuses include the Chemical Revolution Mission, Royal Arsenal Pack, Athos Duel Shir, Black Musketeer Breeches and Pappenheimer...


Voice of The Last of Us' Ellie rips Ubisoft over male-only cast in Assassin's Creed Unity

Ashley Johnson, the voice actor whose role as Ellie in The Last of Us earned her a BAFTA award, weighed in on Ubisoft's male-only cast of playable characters in Assassin's Creed Unity, chiding the publisher and its developers for not including women. "When I saw the gameplay and saw that [in] their multiplayer you do not have the option to play as a female. I was like, 'Give me a fucking break!'" Johnson told in an interview on Friday. "It's 2014! How many video games do you have to make to realize maybe have an option to have a female be in there?" However, her co-star, Troy Baker, cautioned that if this controversy means video games now include an obligatory female character, it risks tokenizing them and making the situation worse. "I think that's almost even more...


You don't have to be okay with the violence in video games

It's okay if that makes you uncomfortable. The two-minutes of footage is trimmed from an extended gameplay demonstration shown last month at E3. It's fair to assume this is the footage Ubisoft believes is the best gameplay, the stuff more casual fans should be sure to catch. It makes the biggest impact in the shortest time. In the brief trailer Arno, the game's new hero, walks through the beautifully rendered Paris of the French Revolution, leaps from a perch atop a cathedral and participates in copious amounts of murder. That the trailer doesn't include every kill from the extended gameplay session speaks to the game's death count. I was embarrassed by how the trailer made me squirm. Am I getting soft? I've played through a majority of the Assassin's Creed games. I've stabbed...


Comic-Con will premiere an animated Assassin's Creed short; wait'll you hear who's making it

The filmmaker Rob Zombie and Tony Moore, co-creator of The Walking Dead, will premiere an animated short "inspired by Assassin's Creed Unity" at San Diego Comic-Con, according to a listing on the official schedule. The short will be shown at a Q&A and demo for the game, introducing Arno, the new protagonist, and promising additional details not yet announced for the latest entry in Ubisoft's annual video game franchise. For those attending, the panel will take place on July 25 from 2 to 3 p.m. in Room 6BCF. Zombie, well known for fronting the band White Zombie before embarking on a solo career and then filmmaking, has taken on several jobs related to video gaming and comic books in the past. He composed the original score for Twisted Metal 3, and has had voice acting roles in...


Ubisoft touts Q1 2014 sales driven by Watch Dogs success

Ubisoft's sales increased significantly year over year, thanks in part to the success of Watch Dogs since its May 27 release, the company announced today. According to a report focused solely on sales during Q1 2015, which ended June 30, they totaled €360 million (approximately $490 million), an increase of 374 percent over the €76 million in sales reported for Q1 2014. Ubisoft also reported strong sales in its digital segment, whose performance increased 149 percent to €84 million ($114 million), thanks to games like Child of Light, Trials Fusion and Valiant Hearts: The Great War. "Although the financial year has only just started, our confidence for fiscal-year 2014-15 has been reinforced by our first-quarter performance and the keen anticipation for our upcoming games," said...


This indie studio says it has a technical solution for the problems of designing women

When Ubisoft said last month that production cost was the reason why no playable female characters in multiplayer were made for the upcoming Assassin's Creed Unity, the AAA company offered no solutions to combat the problem. Indie studio Perhelion Interactive, the developers behind the successfully funded Kickstarter game The Mandate, is now doing just that. While the team recognises the escalating costs that can be associated with additional character models, technical director Vegard Myklebust is finding work around that can fit a small studio's budget. "Making different characters for a game is a non-trivial task, and can cost a lot of production time," he says. "The problem is that, even if you make a new model for the game, there is a lot of extra information to move across as...

Assassin's Creed Releases
North America
  • Xbox 360
    • Released 11/13/2007
    • Publisher Ubisoft
    • Developer Ubisoft Montreal
  • PlayStation 3
    • Released 11/13/2007
    • Publisher Ubisoft
    • Developer Ubisoft Montreal
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