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Platform 360, Win Publisher Microsoft Studios Developer The Behemoth Release Date 2013-04-03



BattleBlock Theater review: blocked and loaded

As ridiculous as it is, BattleBlock Theater's story fits its playful aesthetic. The story begins when your nameless protagonist — and his 300 best friends — crashes upon a deadly island overrun by thuggish, theater-loving cats that force you to endure their nutty obstacle courses. An announcer presents every story beat with character "puppets" and an almost unhealthy level of enthusiasm, not to mention a whole lot of poop jokes. It's often funny, and sometimes grating, in how over the top and juvenile The Behemoth takes BattleBlock's humor, but it's consistent. The wacky theater premise is played up at every chance. Worlds are organized into “acts,” each with nine regular scenes (stages), a finale and three bonus “encore” levels. Stages are boxy,...

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BattleBlock Theater hitting Steam in 2014, closed beta this month

BattleBlock Theater, the multiplayer platformer from The Behemoth, will be released on Windows PC via Steam later this year, the studio announced today. BattleBlock Theater debuted on Xbox Live Arcade last April. The PC version will be integrated with the Steam Workshop so players can share the levels they create, as well as Steam Inventory so they can trade and sell in-game items. The Steam version also includes other features that the XBLA version didn't come with, including additional Cat Guard enemies in the story mode; the ability to switch weapons and support for keyboard and mouse, XInput and DirectInput. The Behemoth plans to run a closed beta for BattleBlock Theater on Steam from March 24-31. Interested parties can sign up for a chance at a beta key on the studio's website....


The Behemoth goes inside its DIY arcade cabinets

The Behemoth is bringing most of its games to the PAX Prime show floor in an unconventional form: A series of hand-made arcade cabinets, crafted from the ground-up for titles like BattleBlock Theater, Super Soviet Missile Mastar and Alien Hominid HD. In a video sent to Polygon by The Behemoth, the creation of these DIY cabinets is documented from the developer's San Diego, Calif., studio. The video shows all of the work, power tools and bowling balls that go into crafting the cabinets, all of which will be playable (sans quarters!) at The Behemoth's booth at PAX Prime. This isn't the studio's first time making cabinets, though: Castle Crashers made its way to PAX in its own cabinet in 2010, while an early prototype for BattleBlock Theater followed suit in 2011. Check out the video...


BattleBlock Theater adds three free prisoners this week

BattleBlock Theater players can pick up limited-time prisoners Boot, Moose and 50% Off Prisoner for free this week, developer The Behemoth announced via its website. In BattleBlock Theater, players control prisoners who are forced to participate in deadly theater performances. To pick up the new characters, players will need to sign into their Xbox Live account and load the full version of the game. According to the blog post, The Behemoth will continue to release new prisoners "at least once a week" during the month of August. BattleBlock Theater was released April 3 for Xbox Live Arcade. The Behemoth has already released several prisoners in the past, including Donuts, Toast, Behemoth Chicken and Rose. For more on the game, check out our review.

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BattleBlock Theater celebrates National Donut Day with return of prisoner Donuts

In celebration of National Donut Day, which took place yesterday, The Behemoth has re-released one of BattleBlock Theater's special prisoners, Donuts, the developer announced via its website. To unlock Donuts, players need only sign into their Xbox Live account and open the full version of BattleBlock Theater. Previously, Donuts was available as a reward for completing the challenges in Furbottom's Features. Players can grab him until Thursday, June 13 at 3 p.m. ET. The Behemoth has already released several other characters on a limited-time download, including Toast, Behemoth Chicken and special Mother's Day character Rose.

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BattleBlock Theater offering Mother’s Day prisoner Rose for one week

In celebration of Mother's Day, BattleBlock Theater players will be able to grab a special prisoner by the name of Rose, The Behemoth announced via Play XBLA. "This Sunday we celebrate the hard work of mamas everywhere — baby mamas, sugar mamas, soccer mamas, etc," the announcement reads. "And what better way to celebrate than to let a new prisoner out of their cage, just like mama did when we were good." Players need only log onto their Xbox Live accounts and play the full version of BattleBlock Theater in order to access Rose. Rose will be available until May 16. Players previously had the chance to pick up Toast, Behemoth Chicken, Winston, Donuts and Furrbottom by completing Furrbottom Features playlists. After a character becomes locked up, players must wait an unspecified...

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BattleBlock Theater to feature unlockable prisoner Toast for two weeks

BattleBlock Theater players will be able to unlock a special prisoner named Toast by completing the latest Furrbottom's Features playlist, The Behemoth announced via its website. Players must finish either the solo or co-op challenges within the next two weeks to get their hands on Toast. Furrbottom's Features, which showcases user-generated levels, currently includes SSB Adventure 1 from scottie1230 and Factory 1o2 from Konster Monster. Players can access either level from the features menu. Toast is the latest prisoner to join the game's unlockables. Previous characters have included Behemoth Chicken, Winston, Donuts and Furrbottom, all of which have been locked back up after their allotted time. According to The Behemoth's post, players will have another chance to grab these...


BattleBlock Theater ringtone pack brings toilet humor to your phone

BattleBlock Theater developer The Behemoth released a ringtone pack yesterday, letting fans put audio from the game on their phones. "BattleBlock Theater Tonez 4 UR Phonez - Pack 1," a free download, comes with brief clips of a number of songs from the game; plans for an official soundtrack are "still solidifying," said The Behemoth. Also featured are sound effects like the gem collection chime, and lines from narrator Will Stamper. They include quips such as these: "Just run like you have diarrhea, and it's starting to come out ... a little bit." "You spicy little fart!" "It's pretty much exactly like soccer, except for more like basketball, and nothing like soccer." You can download the pack here. The audio files are available in both MP3 format (for Android phones) and M4R...


Today I Played: BattleBlock Theater

In this very special episode of Today I Played, we're experimenting with the time-tested technique of same-couch multiplayer. And what better game to test it out than BattleBlock Theater, which was designed from the ground up to end friendships? Yes, after an eternally long wait, BattleBlock Theater has finally dropped, so Chris Plante and I are jumping into the deep end, playing hours and hours (and hours) of the campaign and its bevy of multiplayer modes. Will we come out the other side or is this the end of Today I Played? (Spoiler: It's not. We'll still be doing a bunch of them. Don't worry.) More episodes of Today I Played

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BattleBlock Theater will include user-generated playlists on Furbottom’s Features

BattleBlock Theater, the multiplayer action game from Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth, will showcase user-generate playlists on Furbottom's Features, the developer announced. The Behemoth will review submitted playlists and the best will either be featured on either the Story or Arena mode playlists. In order to be chosen for Solo Adventure or Co-Op Adventure Playlists, users must submit the following in this order: nine classic adventure levels, five challenge levels and one classic secret level. Players are required to specify if their playlists are solo or co-op. Players who want to submit an arena mode playlist must submit at least three arena levels of any mode. The Behemoth writes that the more levels in a playlist, the better the chances of being picked. Video...

BattleBlock Theater Releases
North America
  • Xbox 360
    • Released 2013-04-03
    • Publisher Microsoft Studios
    • Developer The Behemoth
  • Windows
    • Publisher The Behemoth
    • Developer The Behemoth
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