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Platform Win, PS4 Publisher Perfect World Entertainment Developer Zombie Studios Release Date 2012-04-03

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Free-to-play on PS4: aggressive monetization is not the way to go

The free-to-play business model can work on consoles, but in order for it to succeed, developers have to make a fun game first, according developers from Zombie Studios and Digital Extremes. Speaking on a panel at the Game Developers Conference about whether free-to-play can succeed on the PlayStation 4, Digital Extremes' James Schmalz and Zombie Studios' Jared Gerritzen said their studios' games Warframe and Blacklight: Retribution — both of which are free-to-play titles on the PS4 — are proof that console users are willing to spend money when first offered a game for free. But there's more to their success than just implementing a free-to-play business model. "There's always the criticism about free-to-play that it's so analytics and data-driven," Schmalz said. "That you don't need...


Blacklight: Retribution PS4 expanded with new mode, maps

The PlayStation 4 version of free-to-play shooter Blacklight: Retribution is getting a new mode and two new maps today as part of its first content update, developer Zombie Studios announced today. The upcoming patch will add the co-op mode Onslaught to the game. Onslaught is a "horde" mode in which four players team up against never-ending waves of infected enemies. Also included in the patch are the maps Decay and Metro. Decay takes place in a maze-like slum, while Metro is set in a dilapidated subway station. The Onslaught mode and the Metro map arrived in the original Windows PC version of Blacklight: Retribution a year ago. In addition, the patch marks the debut of private servers in the PS4 version of Blacklight: Retribution. Zombie also included a number of improvements to the...


Daylight hits Windows PC and PS4 in April

Zombie Studios' horror game Daylight will launch on Windows PC and PlayStation 4 in April, studio director Jarred Gerritzen mentioned in an IGN video walkthrough. Previously, the Unreal Engine 4-powered game's release on Windows PC and PS4  was only known as "early 2014." Daylight places users in the role of a character who wakes up in an abandoned hospital. Equipped only with a dying smartphone and its flashlight and compass, players must navigate their way through the hostile environment. You can learn more about the title's gameplay and environment from our hands-on impressions at E3 2013. The developer announced late last year that its procedurally generated horror game will support the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. We got hands-on with the title and an Oculus Rift dev kit...


Blacklight: Retribution beta users keep their progress, purchases

People who have been playing the Blacklight: Retribution beta will be able to retain their progress and purchases when developer Zombie Studios brings the free-to-play first-person shooter out of beta, the studio announced today. Zombie won't reset the character progress that players have made in the beta, which includes anything they've unlocked. Players won't lose anything they've bought, whether with GP (in-game currency) or ZCoins (currency purchased with real money). In addition, Zombie will refund players any ZCoins they've spent in the beta, so users will be able to spend them again. "We here at Zombie Studios [...] feel this is a great way to give thanks to those Agents that have been helping us by playing and commenting on the beta," said Kael Hammond, an associate producer...


Zombie Studios wants to break free-to-play stigma with next-gen Blacklight: Retribution

With its free-to-play first-person shooter Blacklight: Retribution, Zombie Studios hopes to break the stigma that all free-to-play games feature a pay-to-win model and that they can also offer a core experience, studio director Jared Gerritzen told Polygon. Speaking to Polygon at a PlayStation 4 event in New York today, Gerritzen explained that the studio built the next-gen version of the game based on 2012's Windows PC release from the ground up with a new monetization pipeline. Gerritzen's idea is to teach players that free-to-play games don't involve spending "hundreds and hundreds" of dollars. He went on to say that the transactions involved are lot smaller and offer the player a level of convenience, such as skipping the amount of time it takes to do something. As Blacklight:...


Blacklight: Retribution PS4 launch trailer demonstrates the power of robots

A launch trailer for the PlayStation 4 version of Blacklight: Retribution shows the free-to-play shooter in action. The trailer has plenty of combat footage showing various weapons and character models, as well as footage of how a player's appearance and equipment loadout can be customized. The trailer also shows that giant robots are a better investment in a combat situation than human troops any day of the week. Blacklight: Retribution will launch alongside the PS4 next week on Nov. 14. It launched on Steam in 2012.


Champions Online, Blacklight: Retribution, Forsaken World Halloween events outlined

Perfect World Entertainment is running a series of Halloween themed events for several of its games including Blacklight: Retribution, Forsaken World and Champions Online, the company revealed today. Beginning Oct. 29 until Nov. 4, Forsaken World players have the opportunity to obtain new costumes and take part in an event which involves joining Captain Ironclasp in freedom harbor. Blacklight: Retribution fans are invited to enter in the fanfiction competition before Oct. 29 for a chance to win "an exclusive Halloween Goodie Bag filled with themed permanent items." From today until Nov. 4, the Halloween edition of Bloodmoon returns to Champions Online and once every two hours Takofanes will spawn in the game. Players can earn Halloween-themed items by trick or treating in...


Perfect World Entertainment moves to mobile, four games planned

Perfect World Entertainment, publisher of Blacklight: Retribution and Star Trek Online, is moving into mobile development and publishing, the company announced today. Perfect World plans to release action, strategy, massively multiplayer online and multiplayer online battle arena games. The first four games announced include: Arena of Heroes, an asynchronous MOBA from Sneaky Games Bombuds, a turn-based multiplayer game from Fugazo Elemental Kingdoms, a trading card game from iFree Studio The Null Society, an adventure/RPG hybrid from Agent Disco "Perfect World knows how to build great free-to-play games, how to excite hardcore gamers and how to trust great studios with their own creative visions," said Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, general manager of Perfect World mobile. "With...


Blacklight: Retribution devs discuss customization, classes and collaboration on PS4

In a video released today for Blacklight: Retribution, Zombie Studios' free-to-play first-person shooter headed to the PlayStation 4, the game's developers explain how the once PC-exclusive will make the transition to PS4. Check out the video above, which is part of Sony's "Conversations with Creators" series, to see the developers discuss the game, its weapon and character customization options and the studio's goals with the port. According to director of production Andy Kipling, Sony "actively" recruited Zombie Studios to bring the game to the PS4, and the companies are now working together to determine how patching, distribution and free-to-play will work on the next-gen console. For more on the game, be sure to check out Polygon's hands-on impressions of Blacklight: Retribution a...


Blacklight: Retribution sells the PS4 controller as a shooter's best friend

Blacklight: Retribution, Zombie Studios' free-to-play shooter which launched on PC in 2011, might be one of the first shooters on the PlayStation 4 — a fact that carries with it a tremendous amount of pressure. Consoles live and die by the ergonomics of their controllers, and the manner in which developers utilize those controllers for launch titles. That's what Blacklight's aiming to be: a launch title for the PS4, though it may take a few weeks longer than that to finish the port, Zombie Studios communications manager Collin Moore told Polygon during an E3 2013 demo. My Blacklight demo marked my first time holding the PlayStation 4's new controller, which I fell in love with instantly. It feels better in the hand, with more responsive buttons and far more manageable triggers than...

Blacklight: Retribution Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 04/03/2012
    • Publisher Perfect World Entertainment
    • Developer Zombie Studios
  • PlayStation 4
    • Publisher Perfect World Entertainment
    • Developer Zombie Studios
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