Blacklight: Retribution PS4 launch trailer demonstrates the power of robots

A launch trailer for the PlayStation 4 version of Blacklight: Retribution shows the free-to-play shooter in action. The trailer has plenty of combat footage showing various weapons and character models, as well as footage of how a player's appearance and equipment loadout can be customized. The trailer also shows that giant robots are a better investment in a combat situation than human troops any day of the week. Blacklight: Retribution will launch alongside the PS4 next week on Nov. 14. It launched on Steam in 2012.


Blacklight: Retribution devs discuss customization, classes and collaboration on PS4

In a video released today for Blacklight: Retribution, Zombie Studios' free-to-play first-person shooter headed to the PlayStation 4, the game's developers explain how the once PC-exclusive will make the transition to PS4. Check out the video above, which is part of Sony's "Conversations with Creators" series, to see the developers discuss the game, its weapon and character customization options and the studio's goals with the port. According to director of production Andy Kipling, Sony "actively" recruited Zombie Studios to bring the game to the PS4, and the companies are now working together to determine how patching, distribution and free-to-play will work on the next-gen console. For more on the game, be sure to check out Polygon's hands-on impressions of Blacklight: Retribution a...


Blacklight: Retribution E3 trailer shows rapid fire and customizable guns

The latest trailer for Zombie Studios' Blacklight Retribution offers a brief glimpse at in-game footage for the free-to-play first person shooter's upcoming PlayStation 4 version. The video posted above says players will have access to "millions of weapon combinations" to use in rapid-fire fast-paced combat. Blacklight: Retritbution launched in April last year for Windows PC through Steam. In early March, Zombie Studios announced the game would be released on consoles after the studio reacquired the publishing rights from publisher Perfect World Entertainment. At the 2013 Game Developers Conference Sony announced it would publish Blacklight: Retribution for PS4 through its Pub Fund program.


Blacklight: Retribution's Onslaught expansion now available

Blacklight: Retribution publisher Perfect World Entertainment launched the game's Onslaught expansion today, an update that adds a new co-op mode and a wealth of associated content to the free-to-play first-person shooter. Retribution launched in open beta exactly one year ago today. The Onslaught mode pits a team of up to four Blacklight agents against waves of the zombie horde; it's the game's first player-versus-environment setup. Onslaught also brings in three other modes: Search and Destroy, a bomb-defusal gametype for two teams, as well as Last Man Standing and Last Team Standing. Onslaught mode games take place on the new Centre map; the expansion also adds two more maps to Retribution, Safehold and Metro. New weapons also come with Onslaught, with the Silver Crowbar melee...

Blacklight: Retribution Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 04/03/2012
    • Publisher Perfect World Entertainment
    • Developer Zombie Studios
  • PlayStation 4
    • Publisher Perfect World Entertainment
    • Developer Zombie Studios
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