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Box Art N/A Platform iOS Publisher 2K Games Developer Gearbox Software Release Date 2012-10-31

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Borderlands Legends updated with loot and new enemies, on sale to celebrate

A recent update to Borderlands Legends, the iOS real-time strategy spinoff of Gearbox Software's Borderlands franchise, brings a loot drop system similar to its console counterparts, new enemies and more, according to a post on 2K Games' website. The 2K China-developed game now includes new enemy types and new mini bosses, and all enemies now drop Borderlands-branded guns when killed. A new attack allows you to direct vault hunter Mordecai's sniping to focus on an enemy and deliver "long-range shots with devastating accuracy." The update also brings iPhone 5 support, improved controls and adds those branded guns to the in-game shop, according to its iOS App Store description. Released last Halloween, Borderlands Legends typically costs $4.99 for iPhone and $6.99 for iPad. Both...


Borderlands 2 coming to Mac Nov. 20

One of this year's best-selling games, Borderlands 2, is coming to Mac on Nov. 20, Aspyr Media and 2K Games announced today. Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter with role-playing elements that was released in September of this year. An iOS spin-off, Borderlands Legends, was released last month. Now Aspyr Media, a publisher of Mac games, is bringing the blockbuster to Mac computers. Aspyr Media is also responsible for the Mac versions of other popular titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, Civilization V, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. More information on Borderlands 2 for Mac can be found on Aspyr's website.


Borderlands Legends trailer shows off iOS guns and missions

The launch trailer for Borderlands Legends gives an in-game glimpse of the guns, abilities and randomized missions that players can toy with in the newly released iOS title. Borderlands Legends was confirmed by Gearbox last week in a post on publisher 2K's games blog. The title is available on iPhone for $4.99 and iPad for $6.99. Check out our interview with the title's producer James Lopez about developing the game with fewer guns, loot, but more characters.


Borderlands Legends imagines the franchise with fewer guns, less loot and more characters

Borderlands Legends, a single-player action game for iPhone and iPad, is intended to capture the essence of the Borderlands universe. The game lacks some of the franchise's most beloved features — loot drops, for example, are limited to cash — but its creators might win over fans with a number of unusual hooks. The game stars the four adventurers of the first Borderlands. It takes place between the original and this year's predecessor, Borderlands 2. In a twist exclusive to Legends, one player controls the entire quartet of renegades at the same time. "We wanted to make sure people understood that this was still tied with the original game," James Lopez, Producer on Borderlands Legends at Gearbox Software, told Polygon, "and that these vault hunters were legendary as they opened up...


Borderlands Legends for iOS confirmed by Gearbox

Borderlands Legends, the iOS incarnation of the popular role-playing shooter series, was confirmed today by Gearbox in a post on publisher 2K Game's blog. Legends will be available on Oct. 31, and will cost $4.99 on iPhone and $6.99 on iPad. Like the game's console cousins, players can level up characters' skill trees and test their mettle against hordes of Bandits, Skags and other series enemies. Gameplay is from a top-down perspective and will follow the familiar "shoot-and-loot" Borderlands framework. Characters have three action skills as well as six abilities that can grow up to five levels. Players can also control all four on-screen characters simultaneously and orchestrate group attacks. Borderlands Legends was outed earlier this week in a post on Gearbox's official forums.

Borderlands Legends Releases
North America
  • iOS
    • Released 10/31/2012
    • Publisher 2K Games
    • Developer Gearbox Software
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