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Platform iOS, Android Publisher N/A Developer Game Oven Studios Release Date 2014-05-21

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What if video games could help us flirt?

Game Oven Studios is here to help me flirt. Not me specifically, but anyone who needs the help. "We have 14 anecdotes from people who used our games to flirt," says Adriaan de Jongh, one of three developers from the Dutch indie studio. "So you're at a bar, you meet someone you like, and maybe you start dancing," he says, pulling up an image of two people playing Game Oven's phone dancing game, Bounden. "Or maybe you start touching each other," he says, pulling up a different image of two people playing Game Oven's intimate finger-touching game, Fingle. Game Oven Studios is best known for its ice-breaking games. By forcing people into awkward, physical situations, games like Bounden, Fingle and Friendstrap (a mobile title where two people hold onto a phone and have a conversation with...

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Android users can now awkwardly dance with their phones

Bounden, a mobile game that is a cross between Twister and interpretative dance, launched today for Android devices, developer Game Oven Studios announced. The game, which was developed with help from the Dutch National Ballet, encourages players to perform sometimes-beautiful and often-awkward dance routines by using the phone's gyroscope to match shapes on the screen. The iOS version of the game was released in May, but the Android version was delayed while the studio worked on making the game perform consistently across different devices. The Android version is now available from Google Play for $2.99. The video below shows the gyroscope issues the developers had to resolve before the game could be released on Android. The Android version of the game shops with tutorial videos...


Ballet-meets-Twister game coming to iOS May 21, Android version delayed

Bounden, the two-player motion-controlled game that encourages players to dance with each other, will launch on iOS devices on May 21, with the Android version delayed to a later date. In a statement released on its website, Game Oven Studios's producer Eline Muijres said the delay is caused by inconsistencies between Android devices. Muijres posted a Vine that showed seven Android devices running the same compass app, all of which indicated that North was somewhere else. Bounden is a game that heavily relies on gyroscopes, so the inconsistencies between the devices is a problem for the game. "For the user, buying an Android phone means you can choose between hundreds of different devices and pick the one that fits you best," Muijre said. "For developers, the fragmentation on Android...

Bounden Releases
North America
  • iOS
    • Released 2014-05-21
    • Developer Game Oven Studios
  • Android
    • Developer Game Oven Studios
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