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Candy Crush maker King settles trademark disputes with The Banner Saga developer

Social and mobile game developer King has settled its trademark disputes with The Banner Saga developer Stoic Studio and CandySwipe developer Albert Ransom, according to statements both developers recently released. "Stoic is pleased to have come to an agreement with King regarding Stoic's The Banner Saga trademark, which enables both parties to protect their respective trademarks now and in the future," the developer wrote on its website. CandySwipe developer Albert Ransom, who has previously accused King of being overly litigious with its candy-related trademark filings, posted a similar note to his website yesterday. "I am happy to announce that I have amicably resolved my dispute with King over my CandySwipe trademark and that I am withdrawing my opposition to their mark and they...

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Candy Crush Saga to be distributed in China by Tencent this summer

Candy Crush Saga publisher King Digital Entertainment is bringing the sugary sensation to China this summer with the help of Chinese internet and media firm Tencent, King announced today. Tencent will distribute a Chinese version of Candy Crush Saga on its Mobile QQ and WeChat services. Candy Crush Saga is already available elsewhere in Asia — last year, King released the game in Japan and South Korea. "I am thrilled to be launching Candy Crush Saga with Tencent in China," said Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of King, in a press release today. "Tencent has the largest mobile social network in China and is a great partner to work with. I look forward to working together to make Candy Crush Saga as popular in China as in the rest of the world." "Tencent always hopes to bring global premier...


Candy Crush dev King looking to bolster workforce by 25 percent

Candy Crush Saga creator King is looking to expand its workforce by 25 percent, listing 165 job openings on its website for its studios across the world. The postings follow King's first week as a publicly traded stock company. According to The Wall Street Journal, shares went up Wednesday at $22.50 but fell 20 percent to $18.08 by Friday evening. King's open positions include a wide range spanning game development, design and engineering as well as marketing and sales. The company is looking for more than a dozen human resources personnel for its London and Stockholm studios and a swath of development and marketing positions for its Berlin, Malmo, Malta, Romania, San Francisco and Seoul locations. Last week, King chief executive Riccardo Zacconi expressed the company needed more...


Candy Crush Saga creators price IPO at about $7 billion (update)

Candy Crush Saga developer King Digital Entertainment announced the price of its initial public offering of the game at $22.50 per share, valuing the company at roughly $7 billion, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company is aware of investor concerns that most of King's success is based on the Candy Crush title alone. A regulatory filing from the developer warns interested investors that "a small number of games currently generate a substantial majority of our revenue." During the developer's fourth quarter of 2013, the company listed Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga as its top three games that account for 95 percent of its total gross. Candy Crush Saga accounts for 78 percent of that. "We must develop new games and enhance our existing games so that our...


Cut the Rope dev challenges King's 'candy' trademark in EU

Cut the Rope developer ZeptoLab is challenging Candy Crush Saga company King's trademark on the word "candy" in Europe by filing a claim against the mark. According to a press statement, the claim was filed with the European Union in London on March 20 with the aim of canceling King's hold on "candy" and allowing other developers to use the term freely for their own games. In ZeptoLab's own Cut the Rope games, players are tasked with swiping the screen to cut ropes that will deliver candy in the mouth of its protagonist, the critter Om Nom. Last month, King abandoned its efforts in the U.S. to trademark the word. In January the company posted an open letter on its website explaining its attempt to trademark the word, stating it was doing so to prevent other developers from finding...


Candy Crush is officially a hard game, according to math

Developer King's match-three puzzler Candy Crush Saga is officially a difficult game, according to a new mathematical analysis of the title that places the game into a category of high-level computational problems. The study, by University of New South Wales professor and group leader at computing research centre NICTA Toby Walsh, reveals Candy Crush belongs to the NP-hard class of math problems, one of the most difficult groups of problems to find solutions for. Walsh studied Candy Crush with a method used previously to analyze classic Nintendo titles Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, which showed these types of games are also NP-hard. Candy Crush is part of a NP-hard subset called NP-complete, a group of problems that become more complicated and difficult to solve as their...


Candy Crush creator estimates its IPO could value the company at $7 billion

Candy Crush Saga developer King Digital Entertainment estimates that stock shares will be worth between $21 and $24 at its initial public offering, according to a Registration Statement submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week. The New York Times reports that the company's value could reach "roughly $7.1 billion." Assuming that the value of 22.2 million shares hits the mid-point of King's projection, $22.50, it would raise $499.5 million from the IPO. If demand exceeds predictions, King could offer extra shares and earn a maximum of $612 million. According to the filing, "an average of 128 million daily active users played our games more than 1.2 billion times per day." King lists its "leading games" as Bubble Witch Saga, Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, F...


Candy Crush creator abandons 'candy' trademark efforts (update)

King, the developer behind Candy Crush Saga, has abandoned its efforts to trademark the word "candy," according to documents posted by the U.S. Trademark Office. Signed on Feb. 24, the document states "the applicant hereby expressly abandons the application for trademark registration made." King filed a trademark application Feb. 6, 2013 and was approved on Jan. 15, 2014. If approved by the assigning attorney, such a trademark allows the developer exclusive rights to use the word in apparel, video games, computer hardware and more. We've reached out to King and the attorney of record for comment and will update accordingly. In response to the trademark, developers banded together for the Candy Jam, which asked participants to make a game involving candies while using words such...


IGDA says King's 'predatory efforts' oppose industry's values

The International Game Developers Association believes that social games developer King's "overreaching" candy trademark application and "predatory efforts" to enforce it oppose the values of the game development community. "While we understand and respect the appropriate exercise of Trademark rights, King's overreaching filing in its application for the Trademark for its game 'Candy Crush Saga,'" a statement on the organization's website reads, "and its predatory efforts to apply that mark to each separate word contained in that name, are in opposition to the values of openness and cooperation we support industry wide, and directly contradict the statement King's CEO, Riccardo Zacconi, made on 27 January." King acquired the trademark for "candy" in the European Union with a pending...


Candy Crush Saga dev files for IPO, reports half a billion in profits

King, the developer of Candy Crush Saga and numerous other Saga titles, filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission today for an initial public offering that could be worth as much as $500 million. The company is applying to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol "KING." According to the filing, King's top game is Candy Crush Saga, with an average of 93 million daily active users and nearly 1.09 billion games played per day. The publisher's next four highest-performing titles trail far behind: Pet Rescue Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Papa Pear Saga and Bubble Witch Saga. King's annual profits jumped from $8 million (on sales of $164 million) in 2012 to $568 million (on sales of $1.88 billion) in 2013. However, King acknowledged in its IPO filing that there is a...

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