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Platform WiiWare, DSiWare Publisher Nicalis Developer Studio Pixel Release Date 2010-03-22

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1001 Spikes to launch on 3DS, Wii U on June 3, with discount offered

1001 Spikes, the 2D "tough-as-nails" action platformer arriving June 3 on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Mac and Windows PC, will also launch for the 3DS and Wii U on that day, developer Nicalis announced. Nicalis said it was waiting on the announcement of the Nintendo launch while it finalized a deal to offer a loyalty discount to those who have bought its other games on those platforms. Those who have bought Cave Story, Grinsia, Ikachan, Night Sky or VVVVVV may get 1001 Spikes for $9.99. Its full price is $14.99. Nicalis also admitted that late in development, "a few issues were discovered in the game which left us with two options. One being we push back the release date on Nintendo consoles or put it out as is with those issues." Ultimately, Nicalis chose to release the game as is,...


1001 Spikes' characters show their stuff in latest gameplay trailer (update)

The latest trailer for Nicalis and 8Bits Fanatics' 2D action-platformer, Aban Hawkins and the 1001 Spikes, introduces some of the playable characters in the game like Curly Brace from Cave Story and Commander Video from Bit.Trip Runner. The game sports more than 100 stages, three save files, multiple endings and a soundtrack by music artists Misoka and Rushjet1. It also offers 18 playable characters, each with unique abilities that will affect how players approach the game's difficult levels, including characters from other games. Players have access to the single player campaign, up to four player local co-op and versus modes. 1001 Spikes is slated for launch on Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Windows PC this summer. According to a listing on Nintendo, the...


Why should game stories make sense?

That’s not a new observation, but a month ago I heard some new research on the subject at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Microsoft’s Deborah Hendersen works in user research, and she shared some interviews that she conducted with a series of gamers who were asked how well they could remember the stories of their favorite games. These culture consumers could recall stories from other media without any trouble. But when it came to games, they got lost somewhere after the beginning. They missed big events, and forgot key plot points. When she asked one of them to name his favorite character in Skyrim, he replied "the scary lady." Hendersen had a series of proposals on how to improve comprehension and test narrative earlier in the process. But I was more interested...


BitSummit director celebrates 'exponential growth' in the conference's second year

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference, Mielke revealed that while 2013's BitSummit included 45 devs and under 200 attendees, 2014's event saw 5,000 attendees checking out games from 130 developers. That included one day of the event that was exclusive to media and two days that were open to the public. Comparing the indie scenes in the West and in Japan, Mielke noted that Western independent developers are often known as individuals and create games that feel like the work of individuals. This goes against Japanese culture's "village mentality," which discourages individuality. Mielke created BitSummit partially as a means for these smaller Japanese developers to get their voices out there. Tracing the roots of independent development in Japan, Mielke pointed to Daisuke Amaya,...


Nintendo launches indie-focused online hub for eShop titles

An online hub for Nintendo eShop Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS titles is now live with an emphasis on indie games. The hub features more than 1,000 "new, classic and indie" games for the Wii U and the 3DS. The hub's design spotlights indie titles such as SteamWorld Dig, GunMan Clive, Moon Chronicles, Cave Story, Attack of the Friday Monster and more. Nintendo of America's Dan Adelman and Damon Baker told Polygon at PAX Prime last year that the company is eager to accommodate indie developers on its platforms. Baker acknowledged at the time that Nintendo intends to address the eShop's design, which made it difficult to find indie-developed eShop content amongst major digital releases and Virtual Console titles. "The Nintendo eShop is always a work in progress," Baker told Polygon. "We're...


Cave Story developer teases figurines

The developer behind the WiiWare, DSiWare and Nintedo 3DS versions of indie platform adventure game Cave Story, Nicalis, teased a set of figurines via Twitter. The tweet includes an image (featured above) of the game's major characters, along with the message, "What if Cave Story figures existed? Would you want a set?" No plans to release a figure set have been announced. Cave Story was originally released in 2004 for Windows PC; the game has since been ported to Wii, Nintendo 3DS and more. It follows an amnesiac explorer who, after awakening in a cave, sets out to stop the villainous Doctor from conquering the world.


Bit.Trip Runner 2 DLC adds Portal 2 and Spelunky cameos

Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien's upcoming Good Friends Character Pack downloadable content will add Atlas from Portal 2 and Spelunky Guy from Spelunky. For an added challenge, the DLC will also include a transparent version of the game's hero, Invisible CommanderVideo. Today's announcement tops off the DLC's cast of indie characters, which also includes Raz from Psychonauts, Quote from Cave Story, Dr. Fetus from Super Meat Boy and Josef from Machinarium. You can check out the Steam-exclusive Atlas from Portal 2 in the video above, as well as Spelunky Guy and Invisible CommanderVideo in the videos below. The $3 Good Friends Character Pack will be released on Steam tomorrow, July 11, with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U versions to follow. Check out P...

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Cave Story developer has two games coming to 3DS

Cave Story developer Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya is having two of his freeware titles brought to the 3DS eShop courtesy of Nicalis, Siliconera reports. Ikachan, a platformer set in an underground, underwater cave where the player assumes the role of a squid was first released as freeware — much in the same way that Cave Story was originally released — in 2000. Guxt, a five-stage vertical shooter, was also released as freeware in 2007. Nicalis is localizing both games for North America and will release them for 3DS on the 3DS eShop in the first quarter of 2013. Ikachan has already been priced and dated and will release on Jan. 31, 2013 for $4.99. Guxt does not have a release date and price yet.


Humble Indie Bundle 7 ends with $2.65 million in sales, $10 million to charity to date

The latest Humble Indie Bundle has come to a close with $2.65 million in total sales over a two-week period, according to the official site. Nearly 400,000 bundles — a mix of nine indie video games, game soundtracks and documentary Indie Game: The Movie — were sold. Thanks to contributions made during Humble Indie Bundle 7, the group has raised more than $10 million for charity, according to Humble Bundle's Jeffrey Rosen. Humble Bundle buyers can opt to donate a portion of their bundle contribution to Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Humble Indie Bundle 7 launched on Dec. 19 with Windows, Mac and Linux versions of The Binding of Isaac, Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot, Legend of Grimrock, Dungeon Defenders and Indie Game: The Movie. The following week, the bundle added T...


Steam Autumn sale now live, runs through Nov. 26

Steam's autumn sale is now live with all kinds of discounts on games old and new. Current flash sales — deals expiring within hours — include 75 percent discounts on Limbo and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, to $2.49 each. While the Serious Sam Complete Pack itself isn't on sale, the games within it are all available at a 75 percent discount. Here are the deals running for the next 48 hours: XCOM: Enemy Unknown: $33.49 (33 percent off) Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013: $4.99 (50 percent off) The Walking Dead: $12.49 (50 percent off) Darksiders 2: $16.99 (66 percent off) Age of Empires 3: Complete Collection: $9.99 (75 percent off) Terraria: $3.39 (66 percent off) Plenty of indie games are also on sale, with discounts ranging between...

Cave Story Releases
North America
  • WiiWare
    • Released 03/22/2010
    • Publisher Nicalis
    • Developer Studio Pixel
  • DSiWare
    • Released 11/29/2010
    • Publisher Nicalis
    • Developer Studio Pixel
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