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Platform PS3, Win, Mac Publisher Eyebrow Interactive Developer Eyebrow Interactive Release Date 2012-03-27

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Closure dev reveals multiplayer brawler called Bombernauts

Closure developer Tyler Glaiel is working on a multiplayer brawler called Bombernauts, he revealed in the game's FAQ. Bombernauts will include a level editor, along with mod support post-release "if the community demands it." According to Glaiel, there are plenty ideas for custom game modes, customization and special powerups. "Powerup customization similar to the Super Smash Bros series, plus being able to set permanent powerups for all players (such as all jetpack mode), or which powerups get rewarded for doing certain things in game," Glaiel wrote. The game's art will be created under Sven Ruthner while its music will be composed by Danny Baranowsky, who has created soundtracks for games such as Super Meat Boy, Canabalt and The Binding of Isaac. Closure, the black-and-white PSN...


Mana Bar Melbourne calls last drinks

The Melbourne branch of Australia's first video game cocktail bar the Mana Bar is set to close its doors this September, management confirmed with Polygon today. "Long story short is, we haven't been getting the traffic we need through the bar," Mana Bar Melbourne's general manager Meghan Betteridge told Polygon, saying they are not ready to talk to the public about the intricacies of the closure just yet. "And the Mana Bar itself can be quite difficult to keep people coming in all of the time, so we haven't been getting quite enough traffic for us to stay open any longer." The Mana Bar was the brainchild of Guy "Yug" Blomberg who co-founded the gaming haven with Shay Leighton, Ben ‘Yahtzee' Croshaw and Prasant ‘Pras' Moorthy. "I'm sad that the idea didn't end up working in...


HMV closing 37 more stores, cutting 484 additional jobs

U.K. retailer HMV's administrators have decided to close another 37 of the company's stores, cuts that will put 484 more people out of work, reports The Guardian. Today's announcement brings the total number of planned closures to 103 stores. Deloitte, the professional services firm that is running HMV while it is in administration, said earlier this month that it planned to ax 66 stores and 930 employees over the next two months. Initially, the firm estimated it would close between 60 and 100 HMV locations. "We are extremely grateful to the staff for their continued strong support and commitment during an understandably difficult period," said administrator Nick Edwards. The cuts of 103 stores and more than 1,400 employees leave HMV with 116 retail locations across the U.K. The...


Closure free for PlayStation Plus members this month, other discounts announced

Closure, Eyebrow Interactive's high-contrast puzzle platformer, is free this month for PlayStation Plus members amid more monthly deals beginning tomorrow, Feb. 12, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog. A former Independent Games Festival Winner, PlayStation 3's Closure normally costs $14.99. Other PlayStation Network deals for Plus members include Capybara Games' PS3 puzzler Critter Crunch for $1.40 (regularly $6.99), Team17's Cross Buy-compatible top-down shooter Alien Breed for $7.99 (regularly $9.99) and Different Tuna's papercraft-infused PS3 side scroller Derrick the Deathfin for $4.00 (regularly $7.99). A PlayStation 3 download for NHL 13 is also available for $38.39 (regularly $47.99). Earlier this month, Sony announced that Guardians of Middle-earth, Monolith...


HMV to close up 66 stores over the next two months, 930 job losses

HMV may close up to 66 stores over the next two months resulting in 930 employees losing their jobs, the Guardian reported. While the news is horridly dire, closures are on the smaller end of estimated loses. The 66 stores consist of 45 stores in England and 21 stores in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. CVG reports a source "close to the matter" said particular stores could reverse their fortunes and may not be shuttered by its administrators, the financial services firm Deloitte and HMV Canada owner Hilco. HMV posted an apology to its customers and staff on its Facebook page: "As you may be aware, a number of our stores in the UK have been earmarked for closure. This decision has not been taken lightly and, though very sad and regrettable, it is necessary to give HMV the best...


Warren Spector: 'I'm not ready to retire yet'

Game designer Warren Spector spoke at the DICE Summit today, one week after the closure of his Disney-owned studio, Junction Point, telling attendees that he's "not ready to retire yet" and still has games he wants to make. Spector opened his speech by clarifying that he wouldn't be talking about "the elephant in the room," the closure of Junction Point, Disney Interactive or the last eight years, "other than to say I worked with an amazing team on some amazing projects." "It's all good," he said, before launching into his talk, "The Graying of Gaming," in which Spector spoke about the aging gaming population, of which he is a part. "I had a little wake-up moment last week in the wake of events," the 57-year-old game designer said, following the shuttering of the studio he...


Humble Indie Bundle 7 ends with $2.65 million in sales, $10 million to charity to date

The latest Humble Indie Bundle has come to a close with $2.65 million in total sales over a two-week period, according to the official site. Nearly 400,000 bundles — a mix of nine indie video games, game soundtracks and documentary Indie Game: The Movie — were sold. Thanks to contributions made during Humble Indie Bundle 7, the group has raised more than $10 million for charity, according to Humble Bundle's Jeffrey Rosen. Humble Bundle buyers can opt to donate a portion of their bundle contribution to Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Humble Indie Bundle 7 launched on Dec. 19 with Windows, Mac and Linux versions of The Binding of Isaac, Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot, Legend of Grimrock, Dungeon Defenders and Indie Game: The Movie. The following week, the bundle added T...


Humble Indie Bundle 7 combines six indie games with Indie Game: The Movie

The latest Humble Indie Bundle combines six indie video games, six soundtracks and the film Indie Game: The Movie in a pay-what-you-want deal that benefits both independent game developers and charities. Humble Indie Bundle 7 features The Binding of Isaac and its Wrath of the Lamb expansion, Closure, Shank 2, Snapshot and Indie Game: The Movie. Buyers who pay more than the average price — currently around $6.00 — will also get Dungeon Defenders and Legend of Grimrock as part of their purchase. All games are DRM-free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The bundle boasts six Linux and two Mac OS X debuts. As with previous Humble Bundles, buyers can choose to donate a portion of the amount they spend on the bundle to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's...


GameStop cancels this year's Indie Game Challenge, future unclear

The Indie Game Challenge is on hiatus and will not be held during DICE 2013, a representative from IGC sponsor GameStop revealed to Polygon. "The 2012 - 13 Indie Game Challenge (IGC) will be on hiatus while we take time to analyze ways to promote and celebrate the independent game movement," GameStop's media relations manager Wendy Dominguez confirmed via email. "We have been committed and continue to be committed to supporting the independent game developer community. "Post-DICE 2013 we will have more to share." Announced in 2009 as a partnership between GameStop, The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, the first competition took place in 2010 during the AIAS-sponsored DICE (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) summit. "...

Closure Releases
North America
  • PlayStation 3
    • Released 03/27/2012
    • Publisher Eyebrow Interactive
    • Developer Eyebrow Interactive
  • Windows
    • Released 09/07/2012
    • Publisher Eyebrow Interactive
    • Developer Eyebrow Interactive
  • Mac
    • Released 09/07/2012
    • Publisher Eyebrow Interactive
    • Developer Eyebrow Interactive
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