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Godus will use actions, not words, to foster communities

Godus developer 22Cans deliberately omitted a chat function in its upcoming god game to foster a community, according to studio founder Peter Molyneux. Speaking to Polygon at the Game Developers Conference, Molyneux said allowing players to chat could potentially lead to a strange sort of passive bullying where casual players are intimidated by more experienced players. "Passive bullying is the big problem when you're trying to get casual gamers to play with core gamers," Molyneux said. "Now the last thing that would enter my mind is to bully you, but the very fact that I say I play computer games 20 hours a day is a form of bullying because it's intimidating. "Most casual gamers don't think they're good enough to play multiplayer games, and this is what we found with Curiosity. C...


Curiosity, Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Evil Within, Wargaming, Fuse, Xbox One: Speed Run

Curiosity — What's Inside the Cube? from 22 Cans came to an end over the weekend. We spent some time with MachineGames' Wolfenstein: The New Order and Tango Gameworks' The Evil Within. Wargaming will unveil its first console game at E3. We reviewed Insomniac Games' Fuse and decided it's not the kind of shooter you should play solo. We've got a bit more information on the Xbox One and its relationship with the internet. Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? ends, makes one UK player a "god" Curiosity winner weighs in on "life changing" prize and the perks of being a god Wolfenstein: The New Order and finding balance between old and new The Evil Within's first 15 minutes sets a spooky and suspenseful tone Wargaming bringing its first console game to E3 2013 Fuse review: energy crisis ...


Curiosity winner weighs in on 'life changing' prize and the perks of being a god

Edinburgh, Scotland resident Bryan Henderson started playing Peter Molyneux's social media experiment, Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube?, an hour before its end. Now, the 18-year-old gets to be a digital god. Curiosity, a free mobile game from 22Cans, challenged players to slowly tap away layers on a gigantic cube. The goal was for one person to break through, revealing a secret prize that Molyneux promised would be "life changing." Five million downloads and six months later, Henderson scratched through the final layer. "It took a really long time for it to sink in, the fact that I had won, along with finding out about Godus and my involvement in it," Henderson told Polygon. "Seeing my name across the Internet has blown my mind, and I think it's still sinking in." In a previously...


Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube? ends, makes one UK player a 'god'

Peter Molyneux's social experiment, Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? came to a close this afternoon at the hands of an unknown player. Molyneux announced the game's end via his Twitter, confirming that the winner was located in the UK. The player has not yet been identified. Just before Curiosity's finish, Molyneux tweeted that a record number of people had joined the game for its final layers. "I [want] to thank everyone, even the haters for taking part in Curiosity," Molyneux tweeted. "It's been a magical journey, thank you one and all." Curiosity launched as a free title for iOS and Android devices in November 2012. The game was both a massive team effort and competition; players tapped away at a mammoth cube in an effort to be the first to reach the center. Its contents are a...


The end of Curiosity is just the beginning for 22Cans, says Peter Molyneux

In six months of touchscreen-tapping fun, Curiosity players have uncovered more than 270 layers of the titular box. Now, developer 22Cans has decided to bring the game to an end: From this point forward — 11:22 a.m. ET on May 1 — the next 50 layers of the cube will be its last. Once they've been tapped away, the "life-changing" secret within will be revealed to the world. "Enough's enough, for crying out loud," said Molyneux in a phone interview with Polygon yesterday. "It's been six months, and some people's fingers are probably bleeding from tapping so much." The studio's second reason for closing Curiosity is that 22Cans must transition to full production on Godus, the reinvention of the god game for which the studio raised more than £525,000 on Kickstarter last fall. Molyneux said...

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John Needham appointed studio head of Fable developer Lionhead

John Needham, former CEO of Cryptic Studios and Gazillion Entertainment, has been appointed studio head of Fable developer Lionhead Studios, according to a recent posting on the developer's website. As CEO, Needham oversaw development studios that have created games like City of Heroes and Star Trek Online (Cryptic) and Marvel Heroes (Gazillion). Lionhead's post touts his experience with massively multiplayer online role-playing games, free-to-play titles as well as PC and mobile games. "This is a historic time in our industry and I'm excited, and honored, to be joining Lionhead and Microsoft Studios," Needham said. "Our vision is focused on building innovative gaming services and AAA experiences at Lionhead, and the rest of Microsoft Studios, which take advantage of Microsoft's...


Curiosity update lets players pay to add or remove cube pieces

The most recent update to Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? includes sets of competing in-app purchases that add a new twist to developer 22Cans' ongoing social experiment. Players now have the option to pay to remove cubelets (cube pieces), the action that is Curiosity's overall goal, but they also can pay to add cubelets. A purchase of $0.99 adds 10,000 cubelets, while the option to remove the same number of cubelets also costs $0.99. The game also lets players know how many cubes have been added and removed with the in-app purchases. "We don't know quite what will happen," said 22Cans in a statement inside the game. "Curiosity may very well rapidly degrade to reveal its innermost secret or maybe the effects of automatically removing cubelets will be neutralized by players keen to...


Curiosity besieged by hackers, but the secret remains safe

The secret at the center of Peter Molyneux's experimental tapping game Curiosity isn't really the secret. It's the secret to the secret. In November, Molyneux's newly minted development studio 22Cans launched its first Android and iOS game, a sort of interactive thought experiment that asked the world's gamers to work together to peck away at the layers of a giant virtual cube floating in a white room online. To remove a layer of the cube, players have to tap away the roughly 100 million cubelets that make up the six sides of the cube. Under that layer, another layer. So far the nearly 3.5 million players have managed to work their way through 129 layers, totaling almost 11 billion taps. Molyneux won't say how many layers the cube has before the center is reached. And that is the...


GODUS backers will help 're-create' the entire God Game genre, says Molyneux

GODUS' Kickstarter campaign will allow the public to take part in the re-invention of a genre that has gone off track, 22Cans developer Peter Molyneux told RPS. According to Molyneux, the God Game genre made popular with the release of titles such as Populous in the 1990s is now defined by simple social gaming titles. The launch of GODUS' Kickstarter campaign will become a medium for players to become involved in taking the genre back to its original roots. "To my mind, the god game genre is now defined by titles like CityVille," said Molyneux. "It was always supposed to be more than that. It was supposed to be far, far more than that. Why not take that challenge on? I feel like Populous created me, I didn't create Populous. Why not use Kickstarter as a medium of involving people in...


Molyneux hints at six new features headed to Curiosity next week

Curiosity, the ongoing game experiment by Peter Molyneux-led 22 Cans studio, will receive "six big new features" as soon as next week, Molyneux told CVG. While the developer did not detail what these updates would include, he stated the "have been designed by looking at how people interact with Curiosity." The features have been in development since last week and are currently in prototype. "We are not ready to say what these are," said Molyneux, "but I will give you a clue: 'Badgers.'" Last night 22 Cans increased its server count by 14 in order to fix issues with player connectivity. In the process the team was forced to disable a system that prevented coin stores from being reset when playing the title on a different device. While the connectivity issues have been corrected,...

Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? Releases
North America
  • iOS
    • Released 11/07/2012
    • Publisher 22Cans
    • Developer 22Cans
  • Android
    • Released 11/07/2012
    • Publisher 22Cans
    • Developer 22Cans
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