What are your rainy day video games?

If this is your first episode, Friends List is a daily web series where we have one-on-one talks about a single question related to video games. The goal is to give both Polygon's many team members across the globe and those involved in covering, designing and releasing games, an opportunity to speak with you. Today on Friends List, Editor-at-Large Chris Plante and Deputy Reviews Editor Phil Kollar ask: What are your rainy day video games? The episode will begin at 2 p.m. ET (or thereabouts!) and will be available via YouTube following the recording. While you wait you can watch the previous episode: What the hell is Twitch Plays Pokemon? Enjoy Friends List anywhere, anytime: Bookmark the Friends List video page. Subscribe to the audio-only podcast: Friends List on iTunes. D...


Earth Defense Force 2025 - Overview video

I'm not really sure how much there's left to learn about, to be honest. Chris Plante has been evangelizing this game for ages, but his message is rarely too complex. There are bugs. You have guns. Use the latter on the former, and unlock more of the latter. Sometimes those guns are Super Soakers full of acid. Sometimes they're lasers that can't be turned off once they're activated. It's an oftentimes single-flavor experience, and that flavor has nutty tones. In today's Overview, Chris and I try to touch on the finer points of Earth Defense Force 2025's special brand of pest control. Watch as we learn that the greatest weapon of all might not be a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, but rather, the art of dance.

Polygon Live

Watch us play Strider, Titanfall and Earth Defense Force 2025 on Polygon Live

The beat sheet reads like my teenage dream game: Swordfights? Check! Mechs? Check! Robots the size of the Empire State Building? Check! Sure, Strider and Titanfall are exciting games to have on the show, but I'm most jazzed to introduce Earth Defense Force 2025 to readers who've never heard of the series. I've been swayed into EDF fandom over the years, and the latest entry captures everything wonderful and terrible about the games. Polygon's own Managing Editor Justin McElroy will join Russ Frushtick and me for the entirety of the episode. Have questions about the show or the games? Send them to Polygon's Twitter with the hashtag #polygonlive and we'll try to answer them during the show. We'll also be participating in the LiveStream chat.


Earth Defense Force 2025 review: kill 'em all

Earth Defense Force 2017, its predecessor, appeared seven years ago on Xbox 360, a console that had yet to hit critical mass. Last year, EDF experienced deja vu in the form of a polished update of 2017 available exclusively on the PlayStation Vita. Now we're here at the beginning of the a new generation of video game hardware and it seems, yet again, Earth Defense Force is set to walk on the stage of an empty house. I sincerely hope that's not the case, because boy does it put on one hell of a show. Earth Defense Force 2025, now available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 — and notably absent on their successors — is more akin to a reimagining than sequel. Even in contrast with the iterative culture of video games, the improvements to 2025 feel like catch-me-ups, grafting the...


New trailer shows Earth Defense Force 2025's insect invasion

Earth Defense Force 2025 is a third-person shooter pitching players against an infestation of insectoid invaders. Released in Japan last July, the game is due to arrive in North America by D3 Publisher on Feb. 24 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Today's trailer shows various urban battle scenarios featuring destructible environments and dastardly enemies as well as a selection of classes. Earth Defense Force 2025 will also make use of split-screen multiplayer and a variety of mobile weapons and vehicles. You can get full insights into the game's unique personality through Polygon's recent play-through.


Earth Defense Force 2025 and Special Ops DLC strikes Feb. 13

Earth Defense Force 2025 and its Special Ops downloadable content will hit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on Feb. 18, followed shortly by two DLC packs, D3 publisher announced today. Earth Defense Force 2025, which recently went gold, will retail for $49.95, while the Special Ops DLC consisting of five new missions will be available for $2.99. The Mutant Rampage DLC is expected to be available on Feb. 25 and will feature 20 new missions for $8.99. Also offering 20 missions for $8.99 is the Beyond Despair DLC, which will hit March 11. The first DLC pack for the Japanese version of the game, titled Earth Defense Force 4, also featured five new missions:  Floating Armada, Fortress More, Silver Thread Squad Giant, Parade of Giants and Search Giant. It is not currently clear if the western...


Earth Defense Force 2025 to receive a five mission-sized DLC in Japan

The Japanese version of Sandlot's insect and robot-obliterating co-op title, Earth Defense Force 2025, is set to receive a downloadable content pack featuring five missions for ¥400 (approximately $4.00) on PlayStation 3 and 320 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.The missions include Floating Armada, where players take on invading ships; Fortress More, which involves enemies swarming a harbor and players are the first response to deal with the attack; Silver Thread Squad Giant, more creatures attack the harbor area and players are tasked with destroying the tunnel entrance; Parade of Giants, features an armada of Hectors obliterating a town; and Search Giant, where players battle creatures in a mountainous area and are tasked with locating and destroying the monsters' entrance. Earth...


Today I Played: Earth Defense Force 2025

Excuse me — ahem! — sorry, something's caught in my throat. Ahem! Right. Where were we? Oh. Yes. Earth Defense Force 2025 is the must-own game of the summer if you live in Japan. The latest in the alien-blasting, city demolishing series debuted on July 4 with a healthy 177,000 units sold, and was only released in a single country: Japan. The game won't arrive in the United States and Europe until early 2014, and by then I imagine the hardcore gamers that care about obscure, graphically-lacking B-movie simulators will have moved on to the warm arms of their next-generation hardware. Now — before were overwhelmed by Xbox One's and PlayStation 4's — is the perfect time to experience Earth Defense Force 2025. That leaves you three options. 1.) Import a region-free copy of Earth...


Japan Review Check: Earth Defense Force 2025

Only one game coming out next week in Japan that Westerners care about, but it's one importers are looking forward to: - Earth Defense Force 2025 (9/8/8/9, 34 out of 40 points): Sandlot's latest known as Earth Defense Forces 4 in Japan and not coming out for a while in the West, wins exuberant if guarded approval from the Famitsu crew. "The graphics have gotten better," began editor Reona Ebihara, "the giant creatures and cities more realistic, and the battles more frenetic and enjoyable as a result. You're constantly having radio messages stream in, and the overwhelming you-are-there feeling these conjure up is as impressive as always. With more weaponry available, you're also able to fight in a wider variety of ways, which makes things more fun. "There are a lot of stages," added...


Hands-on with Razer Blade and Blade Pro, new 14- and 17-inch gaming laptops

After getting hands-on with Razer's new gaming laptops at E3 2013, we found that those who love the metallic unyielding one-piece sleekness of a MacBook and everything that a PC laptop offers may want to raise an eyebrow in the direction of Razer's new 14- and 17-inch gaming laptops, the Razer Blade and Blade Pro, respectively.The Blade measures 0.66 inches thick and weighs 4.14 pounds. Its guts consist of a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processor — Intel's "Haswell" chipset — and 8 GB of DDR3L memory. It also touts a 2 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M video card and Intel HD4600 integrated graphics. The 14-inch display is a 1600x900 screen with an LED backlight. According to Razer, the Blade offers as many as six hours of battery life and is "the thinnest, most powerful" laptop in its...

Earth Defense Force 2025 Releases
North America
  • Xbox 360
    • Released 2014-02-18
    • Publisher D3 Publisher
    • Developer Sandlot
    • Score 7.5
  • PlayStation 3
    • Released 2014-02-18
    • Publisher D3 Publisher
    • Developer Sandlot
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