2014's most innovative games by the people making them

Polygon contacted about 30 developers and publishers making highly promising games and asked them, what makes your game so special? Why should gamers be excited about your new game? These games represent just a slice of the many great titles on offer this year and, judging by the responses we received, developers are finding different ways to use technology and design ideas to progress their particular genres. The themes of 2014 are about going back to core genres, finding out what makes them really work, and then looking further afield to bring in ideas and mechanics that can bring some unique quality to the games. Shooters become more like RPGs, which become more like MMOs; puzzle games become more narrative and narrative games become more action-orientated. NEW NAMES Console...


Elite: Dangerous alpha ready for December

Elite: Dangerous creator David Braben has confirmed that the space trading and combat game's alpha will launch in December. Braben, whose seminal games Elite and Frontier have inspired more than 34,000 people to back his new game's crowd-funding effort, released a nine minute video today, talking about the alpha and answering questions. "December is when we start the alpha process which everyone, including us, is very excited about," said Braben. A combat test build is the first roll-out planned, although not in multiplayer, which is planned later. Published and created by Frontier Developments, Elite: Dangerous will take place in a procedurally-generated Milky Way that hosts more than 100 billion stars. "This is where we bring out parts of the game in close to final form, play...


Elite: Dangerous dev diary walks us through a capital-ship duel

A new dev diary for Elite: Dangerous has series co-creator David Braben walking the viewer through a previous trailer featuring a titanic battle between two massive spaceships. Braben dispels worries that the trailer had been pre-rendered, saying it had been created in the game's engine. However, he says, the ships were flying on pre-set paths ensuring that artists could make sure things looked like they were supposed to from a given angle; he also points out the few moments at which after-effects were added like lens flares and heat effects. Braben discusses the world of Elite: Dangerous and why the various ship designs look how they do. The Imperial shipyards-built vessel is designed for luxury, he says, hence the rotating section that provides artificial gravity. Federal ships, on...


Elite: Dangerous trailer shows a battle between two massive spaceships

A new video for Elite: Dangerous served in many ways as a proof of concept for the latest installment in the storied space sim franchise, according to the development team. In the video, two massive capital ships face off in close range with their respective fighters dogfighting in space between them, darting around and even inside the ships' structures. The video was used as part of the composer selection process for the game, according to the YouTube description, and features work from the winning composer Erasmus Talbot. It also helped the team work on elements of the game itself "such as ship materials, GUI layout and special effects." Elite: Dangerous was successfully funded on Kickstarter this past January, and is planned for 2014 launch.


Elite: Dangerous to have procedurally-generated Milky Way containing more than 100 billion stars

Frontier Developments' successfully Kickstarted game, Elite: Dangerous, will take place in a procedurally-generated Milky Way that hosts more than 100 billion stars, according to the game's creator, David Braben. Speaking with PC GamesN, Braben said that the game will be set in a "truly giant galaxy of vast numbers" and will be a mixture of the original Elite, which was released in 1984, and its sequel Frontier, released in 1993. "It depends on what aspect of the game you look at," Braben said. "I think in many respects [Elite: Dangerous] is more comparable to Frontier in terms of the way the galaxy works ... but in terms of the way you fly it's much closer to Elite. "We're going to have Newtonian physics. But the way that we apply the fly-by-wire layer over the top makes the combat...


Elite: Dangerous reaches £1.25 million funding goal near end of Kickstarter drive

The Kickstarter campaign for Elite: Dangerous is a success, having reached its £1.25 million ($2.03 million) funding goal today with just over two days left in the pledge drive. Elite: Dangerous creator David Braben of Frontier Developments, who co-wrote and co-developed the original Elite with Ian Bell and released it in 1984, thanked the backers on Twitter, saying, "It is truly exciting, touching, and really wonderful." As of this writing, more than 21,000 people have contributed £1,263,242 to the project. The 60-day Kickstarter campaign will end at 7 p.m. ET Friday, Jan. 4, giving Frontier exactly 50 more hours to pull in as much additional funding as possible. The project's stretch goals consist of a Mac version at £1.4 million and 10 additional playable ships at £1.5 million. E...

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Star Citizen developer supports Kickstarted projects Godus, Elite: Dangerous

Star Citizen developer Chris Roberts is a firm believer in the power of crowd-funding, and has urged his backers and fans to turn their attention to two Kickstarter projects that he says need a monetary bump as their campaigns wind to a close: 22Cans' Godus and Frontier Developments' Elite: Dangerous. Roberts defended 22Cans' director Peter Molyneux against the "blow back" leveled against the developer and his current title, Curiosity — what's inside the cube? According to Roberts, the likeliest reason for features not making a final game cut, like what happened with Curiosity, are due to publishers needing to push a game at a certain deadline. "He is definitely very enthusiastic, which can get him into trouble sometimes, as he can over promise, but it always comes from the right...

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