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AbleGamers honors Final Fantasy 14, The Stanley Parable

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn and The Stanley Parable topped the list of the most accessible games in 2013, according to AbleGamers' annual awards. Square Enix's Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn was the most accessible mainstream game of the year, according to the organization. The online game scored a 9.1 in AbleGamers' accessibility-focused review for its ability to be played with one hand, the inclusion of subtitles and its colorblind-friendly design. "In terms of the visual aspect, especially how color is displayed, we took in the players' feedback and continuously performed updates so that any player from around the world can enjoy the game, and are firmly committed to this moving forward," Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, told...

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Europa Universalis 4: Conquest of Paradise coming Jan. 14, pre-orders now open

Pre-orders for the first expansion to Europa Universalis 4 titled "Conquest of Paradise" are now open, publisher Paradox Interactive announced today, revealing that the expansion will launch Jan. 14 for Windows PC, Mac, Linux via various digital distribution platforms. Europa Universalis 4: Conquest of Paradise features "a completely randomized American continent" and allows users to play as a Native American nation or Colonial nation. Through the two tracks, players can take charge of national ideas, buildings and events, declare colonial war or strive for independence from the country of origin. In the latest developer diary (below) outlining the expansion's features, studio manager Johan Andersson discusses the expanded gameplay and mechanics for the Colonial States, such as the...


Humble Bundle's Winter Sale extended to Jan. 3 for select games

The Humble Bundle Store's Winter Sale is having an encore, extending the discounts on select games for three more days. In an announcement issued to Polygon, Humble Store organizers said the Winter Sale encore begins today and continues through to 2 p.m. ET on Jan. 3, 2014. During this time, customers will be able to get discounts on titles like Gone Home, Dust: An Elysian Tail and Europa Universalis 4. The Winter Sale was originally meant to last for two weeks only. The sale heavily discounted titles like Super Meat Boy, Gunpoint, Sanctum 2, and a range of Early Access titles like Spacebase DF-9 Alpha, Starbound, Godus and Sir, You Are Being Hunted.


Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss survives CyberFront collapse

PlayStation Vita role-playing game Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss will still see a release in Japan, defunct publisher CyberFront announced, although the rest of its scheduled catalogue will be cancelled. Originally, the Experience-developed Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss was slated for a Jan. 23 release but it is now floated with a "to be announced" launch date, according to a notice of schedule change posted on the publisher's official website. The intended release dates for Saints Row 4 and Europa Universalis 4 for Windows PC and WRC 4 FIA World Rally Championship 06 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in Japan have been cancelled and will no longer be published by CyberFront in the region. CyberFront, publisher of numerous western games in Japan including...

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Gameolith's Black Friday sale takes 75 percent off Paradox and Frozenbyte titles

Online video game retailer Gameolith kicked off its Black Friday sale today with up to 75 percent off a range of titles, and an extra 20 percent off with its holiday coupon code. The sale, which runs until Dec. 3, takes 75 percent off the Frozenbyte collection, which includes Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor, Trine and Trine 2: Complete Story. All four games are available on Windows PC, Mac and Linux, and buyers can purchase the titles separately (the 75 percent discount applies to each title individually) or buy the collection for $8.75. Titles like Sniper Elite, Europa Universalis 4 and Aliens vs Predator Class 2000 are also discounted by 50 percent. Those who shop using Bitcoin receive an additional 20 percent off their purchase.


Europa Universalis 4 receives massive update, two DLC packs

Paradox Development Studio's empire-building strategy game, Europa Universalis 4, received a new update today, Paradox Interactive announced, introducing hundreds of fixes, feature updates, balance adjustments and more. The update was rolled out to Windows PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Europa Universalis 4. Through the update, the game now supports windowed fullscreen and a suggest demands button that'll "automatically populate a peace offer that the AI will accept when trying to end a war" has been added. Major changes were also implemented to the game's AI, interface and multiplayer. Game balance tweaks were made across umpteen different components of the game, such as economy, war-taxes and trade. For interested parties, full patch notes are located on the game's official forums. ...


Europa Universalis 4 demo hits Steam

A demo for Empire-building strategy game Europa Universalis 4 is now available on Steam for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, developer Paradox Development Studio announced today. The demo comes shortly before its Aug. 13 release on Windows PC, Mac and Linux, and offers 28 years of play as either Venice, the Ottoman Empire, Portugal or Austria. Multiplayer modes and save and load functions are not available in the demo. At launch, the Steam version will include Steam Workshop support and cross-platform multiplayer across Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Europa Universalis 4 can be pre-ordered through the game's official website or through numerous online retailers for $39.99 or $44.99 for the Digital Extreme Edition. In our recent feature on the Swedish developer, lead game programmer Johan...


Europa Universalis 4 dev diary explains how religion works in-game

In a developer diary, Europa Universalis 4 project lead Thomas Johansson discusses the role of religion in the upcoming strategy title. As in the real world, explains Johansson, different countries will start out having different religions, and may potentially have sub-regions that in turn have different faiths. Leaders must either spread the country's main religion to these outlying areas, or must try and manage a kingdom where different religions coexist. Different religions also have different gameplay mechanics, says Johansson. Muslim countries will gain Piety when warring against "heathen" religions, which will empower their armies in the field. However, lower levels of Piety will enable a ruler to shake off the theocracy in order to pursue technological advancement. A Catholic...


Europa Universalis 4 coming Aug. 13

Empire-building strategy game Europa Universalis 4 is coming Aug. 13 to Windows PC, Mac and Linux, developer Paradox Development Studio announced today. Pre-orders are now open, while users can purchase the title from digital distribution channels for $39.99, or access the Digital Extreme Edition for $44.99. The latest title in the series allows the player to guide a nation and expand it into that includes three featured content packs: Europe Universalis 4: Star and Crescent, Horsemen of the Crescent and Conquest of Constantinople. a fully global empire during the age of exploration. Europe Universalis 4 will allow users to play against AI or up to 32 other players. Europa Universalis 4 can be pre-ordered here.


Europa Universalis 4 dev diary explains 'historically immersive' technology

A new developer diary from Paradox Interactive, creator of upcoming strategy game Europa Universalis 4, explains how the team has tried to make the game's technology "more historically immersive." Project lead Thomas Johansson heads the discussion in the video above on how technology has improved and changed gameplay. "What we've done with technology in E4 is that we've tried to consolidate the techno levels of it and make them much more interesting," Johansson said. "We want every level to feel that you're actually doing something for a country and going forward and really changing something." Europa Universalis 4 was announced in August 2012. Like previous games, it will feature open-ended gameplay and player choice, as well as improvements on economy and interface. The game can...

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