Exploring Firefall's exotic locales, seemingly endless supply of spiders

The free-to-play MMO-shooter gets some important stuff right — its got a slick, Tribes-esque locomotion, blending jetpacks and downhill momentum into a fun, twitchy package. The game's tropical setting is eye catching and original. Unfortunately, though it gives you neat ways to move around a neat world, there's not a ton of variety in what your character does in Firefall. Case in point: Nearly every mission I've gone on so far required me to kill spiders (or crabs) to complete a fetch quest. It's a regular Earth Defense Force party up in here. Check out the Overview video above to see Charlie and I play through a mission in Firefall while trying to find anything, anything with a vertebrae.


Firefall trailer showcases Blackwater Anomaly, its first story-based episode

A trailer released today for Firefall shows off Blackwater Anomaly, the first story-based episode in Red 5 Studios' massively multiplayer free-to-play shooter. Blackwater Anomaly will be released during Firefall's open beta, which will launch July 9. To celebrate the launch, the developers will host a new Firefall Fest, which will include Twitch streams of the new content July 9-10 as well as giveaways for in-game items and real world prizes from AMD and Razer. Players interested in the shooting-focused MMO can sign up for the open beta at Firefall's official website. For more on the game, Blackwater Anomaly and the developers behind it all, be sure to check out Polygon's recent feature. You can watch the new Blackwater Anomaly trailer above.


Firefall trailer sets up humanity's last stand

A new trailer for Firefall indicates that not all is well for humanity in the far-off future that serves as the setting for Red 5's upcoming online shooter. The trailer features quotes from Winston Churchill, FDR and Ronald Reagan over scenes of battle between humans and the Chosen, mysterious alien beings who appeared out of a giant rift in space and began to attack Earth. The narrator makes it clear that humans are on the retreat, but are determined to fight to the last. Firefall is currently in beta testing for Windows PC.


Firefall's second public beta weekend runs Feb. 22 through Feb. 24

Firefall developer Red 5 Studios will open up its beta version of the game for public testing once again this weekend, from Feb. 22-24, the company announced today. The beta period will begin on Friday, Feb. 22, at noon PT, and conclude at 11:59 p.m. PT on Sunday, Feb. 24. Red 5 said it is "continuing to refine and update the game based on valuable player feedback." The studio ran semi-open beta weekends last fall, and ran its first public beta last month. Updates made to the game since the January stress test include the ability to stream to Twitch directly from within the game. The company also released a new trailer today along with the beta weekend announcement. You can check it out above. Firefall, a massively multiplayer online shooter, currently has no release date.


Firefall public beta stress test kicks off this weekend

Firefall, Red 5's free-to-play massively multiplayer online shooter, will kick off its first public beta test Friday as part of a weekend event designed to stress test the upcoming title's servers. The test, which will begin on Jan. 25 and run for 48 hours, will not require an invite to join in; anyone can register for an account and pre-load the beta client on the official Firefall site. If you'll be otherwise occupied this weekend, don't despair; two more public beta events are scheduled for February and March. Red 5 released a new gameplay trailer today alongside the announcement, showing off some of the skills that have been added to the game as a result of player feedback; you can check it out above.

Firefall Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Publisher Red 5 Studios
    • Developer Red 5 Studios
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